Outkast’s Andre 3000 Developing Cartoon

Andre 3000, one-half of the chart-topping hip-hop group OutKast, is developing a potential series project with Cartoon Network.

The musician is hashing out ideas for a half-hour special pegged for the cable channel’s “Adult Swim” block. If Andre 3000 and Cartoon — both based in Atlanta — are happy with the results, the channel will greenlight the special for series treatment.

Mike Lazzo, senior vp of Cartoon’s “Adult Swim” program block, quickly got over his reservations about collaborating with celebrities upon meeting with Andre 3000, who has worked as an illustrator. “I’m extremely wary of it, but in Andre’s case, I think he is a creative genius,” he said. “He has definite opinions of what he likes visually.”

While still in the early stages, the project is expected to be inspired by the rapper’s life or possibly his alter ego, Johnny Vulture, the guitar-playing wildman seen in OutKast’s video for the Grammy-winning hit single “Hey Ya!” The special will likely have a musical component similar in style to such off-kilter animated films as “Cool World” and “Yellow Submarine.” The rapper is expected to contribute music to the project.

Andre 3000 also is enjoying a burgeoning film career with a role in the “Get Shorty” sequel, “Be Cool.” He also is gearing up for a starring role in a Jimi Hendrix (news) biopic, to be directed by the Hughes brothers.

Source yahoo.com.

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