Friday For the Foodies: Sunnyside Meat Market / Ridgewood Pork Store

Florence Fabricant of the NY Times Dining Section wrote a great article about the Ridgewood Pork Store on August 30, 2008 titled A Romanian Lets a Frenchman Into His Salami Shop.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

Mr. Katz needn’t have ventured far beyond the smoked duck breast, in nearly mahogany slices of satin rimmed in creamy fat and scented like autumn. But there are also French garlic sausages, wine-infused salamis studded with hazelnuts, and smoked pork with black pepper. They join an impressive inventory of cured beef, double-smoked bacon, roasted gypsy ham and spicy salamis. The meats are $6.99 to $16.99 a pound.

Mr. Katz and Mr. Picioane hope to add duck rillettes and possibly even andouillettes, a kind of tripe sausage that might have Francophiles rushing to Queens. The store is at 516 Seneca Avenue (Bleecker Street), (718) 381-0686. Some products are also sold at Sunnyside Meat Market, 43-10 43rd Street, (718) 786-2626.

At the Sunnyside Meat Market I bought four items:  The Wine infused salami studded with hazelnuts, a salami with coriander, smoked chorizo (which was AMAZING) and a jar of Rose Hip Jam (hibiscus).  For a quarter pound each of the salamis, half a pound of the chorizo and the big jar of Rose Hip Jam, the total was a little more than $14.

On my trip to the Ridgewood Pork Store I bought some homemade spicy salami.  The thing you realize about their products is that the cured meats have different textures of meat (some finely cut, some roughly chopped) and you can see the love, knowledge, passion and artisan work that goes into each product they make.

Here is the inside of the Sunnyside Meat Market…

It reminded me a lot of a similar store I had visited in Vancouver called the J, N & Z Deli & Smoked Meat which I wrote about in January 2010 in my article F4tF: Vancouver, A Foodie Trip PT. 2.

Discovering these places and the quality of their products confirms my belief that the more you venture out of Manhattan into the outer boroughs on food journeys is the more you will discover amazing foods you never knew existed in New York City.

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  1. hi there — I eventually found the sunnyside meat store which is now called the European meat market and has ALSO moved to 43rd AVENUE, just around the corner. whoever is handling their website needs to change the address. their phone number remains the same. fabulous stuff — so glad I persisted in finding them. thought you should know.

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