Number Line: Phish Summer Tour Pt. 1

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104 – Minutes of longest set (Charlotte Set 2)
100 – Shows since the last Bike (6/18/2009)
94 – Songs over 10 minutes long (including “jam” tracks with song)
84 – Onetimers
52 – Minutes of shortest set (Alpharetta 2, Set 1)
51:16:06 – Hours, minutes, seconds of entire tour
25 – Most songs played at a show (6/12, 6/17)
24:54 – Length of longest song (Disease 6/3)
21 – Average songs per show
18 – Number of original songs debuted in 2009-2010 not played: Burn That Bridge, The Connection, Dr. Gabel, Gone, I Been Around, Idea, Invisible, Let Me Lie, Middle Of The Road, My Problem Right There, Pigtail, Sleep Again, Sugar Shack, Summer Of ’89, Time Turns Elastic, Tomorrow’s Song, What Things Seem, Windy City
18 – Songs played five or more times in Phish 3.0 not played in this tour (Beauty of a Broken Heart, Contact, Destiny Unbound, Driver, Farmhouse, Frankenstein, Grind, Let Me Lie, Mountains In The Mist, My Soul, Shine A Light, Sleeping Monkey, Sparkle, Strange Design, Sugar Shack, Time Turns Elastic, Train Song, When The Circus Comes)

18 – Number of shows on tour
18 – Shows in the Eastern Time Zone
17 – Different 1st Set openers
17 – Fewest songs played at a show (5/31, 6/3)
16 – Different songs that were encored
15 – Shows played at Great Woods including 6/7
14 – Different songs that closed set 2
13.5 – Family members on stage at Portsmouth (Ernie Anastasio, Jack McConnell, Bob Gordon, Leonard Fishman, Lilly Fishman, Rosie Fishman, Jack Fishman, Ella Fishman, Bella Anastasio, Eliza Anastasio, Tessa Gordon, Maxine McConnell, Delia McConnell, ? McConnell)
13 – Different songs that opened set 2
12 – Different songs that closed set 1
12 – Number of songs played from Junta (All but Contact and Union Federal)
10 – Songs from the album Undermind not played (Scents & Subtle Sounds, The Connection, A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing, Crowd Control, Maggie’s Revenge, Nothing, Two Versions of Me, Tomorrow’s Song, Secret Smile, Grind)
10 – Encores featuring cover songs
7 – Highest number of times played (Possum, BDTNL)
7 – Songs from the album Round Room not played (Anything But Me, Round Room, Mexican Cousin, Friday, Mock Song, All of These Dreams, Thunderhead)
6 – “Jam” Live Phish tracks
6 – Second sets that opened either with Carini or DwD (3 each)
6 – Encores that included Good Times Bad Times or Loving Cup (3 each)
5 – Tweezer Reprise Encores
5 – Number of songs not played from Picture of Nectar (Glide, Faht, Catapult, The Landlady, Eliza)
4:33 – Time of Cavern at 5/28 and 6/10 shows
4 – Run Like an Antelope 1st Set Closers
4 – Bluegrass openers (Nellie Kane, Paul & Silas, Rocky Top, Daniel Saw the Stone)
3 – YEM Second set closers
3 – Cover debuts (No Quarter, Rhymes, Thunder Road)
2 – AC/DC Bag openers
$1.15 – The cost of a gallon of gas the last time Mound was played twice in 10 days
1:01 – Shortest track on Live Phish (Swept Away 6/10)
1 – Original debut (Steam)

0 – Shows on Monday or Thursday

– DaveO and Andy Kahn

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8 thoughts on “Number Line: Phish Summer Tour Pt. 1

  1. youenjoyme Reply

    quick correction: grind debuted in 12-30-1998 @ msg

  2. Tim Reply

    Love these Number Line end o’tour articles. Mango was played at Great Woods btw.

    On to Superball!

  3. jon Reply

    guelah was played twice this tour.

  4. Nate Reply

    0 is incorrect. Great Woods was on a Tuesday.

  5. Christopher Lane Reply

    isn’t fluff’s travels part of fluffhead? they go together.

  6. Kip Conner Reply

    Mound was played twice on 6/15 Alpharetta… kind of- making the price of gas $3.49. The shortest set of the tour was cut short when the stage crew began covering the stage with tarps because of the storm. They finished the set with Mound and began with Mound during the second set…

    2- Number of trees that fell during that show. One in the lawn and one on the upper west concession stand.

  7. Chris R Reply

    6.18 opener was Cars, Trucks, Buses

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