Final Thoughts from Leg One Phish Survey

Extremely, excellent musicanship.
Straightforward, Jamless, Fun
Ripcord. Fun. Want more
Something for everyone
Needs slower transitions
Needs more Possum
Taking some chances
Rock concise classic
fast fun rejuvenating
missed opportunities…
Lots of songs
Jams are back!
Phun, Phriends, Phamily
sickter von richter
best since 00′
To far away
sofa king awesome
Fun. Tight. Thoughtful.
Not enough gamehendge
had it’s moments
Fucking loved it!
Big Ass Smile
Too much numberline
high energy fun
Favorite Show: House
Phenomenal, Phantastic, Phamily
“disjointed repetitive shredded”
please lengthen songs
not as good as last fall/new years
Prettyyy, Prettttyyyy Good
fun fun fun
what the fuck
Rock and Roll.
Trey Wake Up
always super fun
Phish Is Back.
pretty damn good!
Give them time.
Lovely, Memorable, Crazy
Good warm up
Unpredictable, Indecisive, Fun
some surprising bustouts
Ripcord, schizophrenic, WHAT?!
Moist bundt cake
Great House Ripcord
Boy. Man. God.
Harry met Sally
Refreshed, happy, tight
Incredibly Amazing… Ripcord
blue ball city
Almost. There. Almost.
Roll A Coaster
fun, light, floating
Fresh.  New.  Unpredictable.
Need more JAMMING!
They’re having fun!
Pretty bad ass
solid, tight, polished
I loved it
Grateful Dead 1989
Exciting, Fun, Surprising.
I miss 1.0
Good family tour
Strange at times
Quality stuff with moments but no 1st leg defining show
Like a Boss
Memorable, exciting, phun
Good. Great. Sometimes.
Phish is back!
Epic, fun, new
Very very promising
Really fucking fun
Not there yet.
Heady veggie burritos…
confident inconsistant exploratory
Fun. More. Jams
Pretty Damn Good.
Fun, tight, smile
Huge F’n Smile
House, house, house.
Sometimes Great Ripcord
Suzy BDTNL Possum
Unrealized potential jams
“Solid Hopeful Possum”
Ter mutha fucka
Off the hook.
Tight repeats ripcord
Creative Step Forward
it was inconsistent
consistent, safe, Trey
only getting better
Average to great
Should be longer
Great fucking playing.
Lots of possums
#CLT f’n sick!!!!
Mustard, premature endjamulation
band having fun
Smoking. Repeats. Fun.
super duper great
Fucking sick, dude.
Whole lotta fun
A little repetitive
you enjoy myself
Bacon bacon bacon
Phish on fire
More type II
Only getting better.
Fantastic  Mike  Fantastic
lick my balls
I want more
not enough jamming
Very good start.
Welcome back guys!
Lots of repeats
hell balls yeah
Precise, exploratory, slightly-repetitive
so fucking ill
Hit ground running.
mike’s house motherfucker
Strong, above average
Nothing off limits
Good times yeah
Consistent condensed fire
House, dads, signs
HUGE high points, Bethel and Midwest brought serious jams and showed that the band felt really comfortable with what they were doing. Southern run Charlotte>raleigh>portsmouth brought a hint of that back but many other shows seemed super meh to me. [Editor’s Note: That’s definitely more than three words]
Fun, Different, Amazed
Great moments, Tight playing and energy through out. Only negative is the “ripcord” by Trey. Other than that the jamming is the most condensed and cohesive communication we have seen in this era – just wish Trey would control his ADD and get lost in the music the way the rest of the band is. Oh and Fishman is Back !
Consistent quality energy
Play new songs
Really really on
Pretty damn good.
totally [email protected]$%!ing awsome
Better than 2011
Fun, yet safe.
Great Summer Start!
super freakin fun
Page’s house. WHAT?
Great yet ripcorded.
Holy F-ing Steam!
Fan Fucking Tastic
Mike fuckin gordon
phish doesn’t jam
So much fun.
energy, fun, inconsistant
Damn Good Times!!!
fucking high energy
ahhhh fuck yea
Inconsistent, Ripcord, Possum
magic is back
I love it
Executed yet discombobulated.
Some great jamz!
very fucking impressive!
Tight, Rocking, Jam-light
Hot and humid
Page page page
thank you phish
very technically sound
Ups and downs
great new sound
energy, rock & roll, ripcord
incredibly fucking fun
Exciting, evolving, but inconsistent
Steady, too short, mound
Thank you, Phish!
Great. Mediocre. Both.
Dense, tight, wicked
page’s house what?!?
Falling into place
Uninspired, tired, bored
getting very close
Promising ripping
some fire jams
Phiah is back
Energy, Improvement, Committment
ups and downs
Well done thePhish
Pretty fucking great
Page’s House
one step backward
Amazing, incredible, awesome.
“Phenomenal Strong Hilarious”
Fun. Energetic. Tight.
we’re almost there
Page’s House!  Whaaat!?!
Could jam more
Not enough risks
Crazy, Good, Fun
possum possum possum
Solid musical experience
Super fucking fun.
Trey hates jamming
Give me more
only three words
Entering New Prime
Great Fucking Times
Flashes of brilliance.
Solid Repeat Tour
Terse flailing repetitive
Bethel Knob Blossom
Bill Bailey’s House!
high highs low lows
Bigger jams please
Return to form.
custies, noobs, wooks
“Finally Finally Finally”
Way less Yems
Fun, surprising, reassuring
Capable of Magic
Fun, tight, and real
“Hot Sweaty Goodness”
Sex drugs and rock and roll
Memories, Friends & epic.
Life. Altered. Bliss.
Rock. And. Roll.
A. Maze. Ing
Exciting, Clear, Energy
SICK as they make there way back to longer jams and more exploration. I think they are wavering on the next level and it is only going to get better. These shows are EPIC.
Page House Repeats
Fun, exciting, Spontaneous
Average with gems
Funky. Plinko. Kickdrum.
Whole new band
They’re getting there.
They’re tight again
Page’s House Epic
Boring, average, plain
pretty damn awesome
Smokin’, occasionally stallin’.
WHAT!?!?! Bundt Cake!
Always getting better
Page’s House Baby
still having fun
mostly got right
They’re almost there…
Summer fun sun
memories of old
Technically amazing but light on true inspiration and spontaneous music creation.
Exciting, hypnotizing, goodness
Amazing in spots
very good start
Great Phucking Phun
Keep It Coming 🙂
Steppin’ it up!!!!
Where’s my car
fun and fun
little plinko funk
Ground-breaking yet inconsistent.
Hot solid fun
Master of Puppets
Hot Hot Hot
Ignore the pressure.
Not there yet
up and down
Quoting a friend: “reverse double stuffed Oreo” — great beginning, really nice ending w/ some meh in the middle
premature end jamulation
Trey needs to practice. A lot.
on there game
Promising but inconsistent
diverse, consistent, surprising
up and down
“Fun Potential Solid”
Boy, man, shit!
So much fun
new originals overdue
just fucking awesome
“Bethel Charlotte HOUSE
Limit Pushing Energy
wow >meh>good
Had a Blast
schizophrenia, tight, aborted
Improvement, Fun, Page
Too many repeats
too many repeats.
Taking chances again
RAGEacets pre-fab RAGEachloride…
jam-free, signs, witholding
build then explore
Crazy, hot, fun
Ocedoc, steam, pleasure
pretty damn good.
Mike’s house motherfuckers!
play spac dammit!
Pretty darn good
exciting, interesting, compelling
The fucking shit!
things looking up.
Pretty Fuckin’ Good
We’re getting there
Ripcord Trey
Do it more
Very, very good.
count dooku approves.
Trey has A.D.D.
Very, very pleased.
En Cour Aging
much to short
fun, inconsistent, phish
back to business
It was OK
How many walruses?
Lack Of Jams
Intense Rollercoaster Ride
Amazing, rocking, energetic
progress, Impatience, Trey
Wanting for more!!!!
Mind blowing awesome
Outlaw Trey Abortions
Experience ”
phish summer tour
epic wavey gravy
ok, not great, but still really strong – it’s not 1993 – 2000 anymore. The videos are a nice touc
Bubbly. Tangy. Exciting.
unexpected band proficiency
Hell yeah, more!
Best band ever
Hi live love phish
more jamming please
Fun, and please Return to Bethel
Pushing the Limits!
shocks my brain
Solid.  Tight.  Fun!
Opener = Favorite sign
Two-faced Trey
Super Ball Prep
Superior sound system
Yes they can
Lots of fun
Energetic, Fluid, Fun
On right path
“firing all cylinders
Mike = Jam Instigator.
Ooooooopossum, posssuuuuuuuimmmmmmmm, possummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
lacks essential jams
House! What??? Pre-Ejamulation!
Underrated, underappreciated, incredible or Trey is back
Off the hook
Better than ever!!!
Phish kicks ass.
Didn’t get to see enough shows
great short jams
Rip. Cord. Tour.
Better than everybodyelse
Henrietta Needs Horns
Chicks (in the) Front Row!!!!!!!
Happiness, unity, bongtastic
Motherfucking, facemeltingly, epic.
Great Friggin Start
new exciting straightforward
Drank too much
Hella Nice Fun
Random frenetic fun
Left wanting more!
Keep it coming!
a good start
fits and starts
No More Possum!
joyful, uplifting, spiritual
Hit or miss
Off the HOOK!!!
Develop the Jams!
Mailing it in
Just getting going
please jam more
Mike ok’s ripcord
Possum, short, apprehensive
Sick as hell!
Shut-up and dance!
Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Need more jams
Tight. Energy. ADD…
Progression, safe-at-times, great
Taste.  Phantastical. Uber Gnar.
Surprising, Fun, Frustrating
Feels like a return to my early phish years (90-93)
Phish Always Wins
Incredible tour boys
Winter Tour Please
Tight, Concise, Safe.
Needs more jamming!
read the book
hot and cold
Take it to The Limit
Refreshing, Fun, Exciting
“Roller coaster
Funky fresh flava
Needs more exploration
Jekyl and Hyde
Well Executed Standards
Rock and Roll
Page’s House Burns!
Write new songs!
“great song selection
jam abortions suck
brilliant genius collaboration.
Consistent, safe, shred
Fun. ”
Bout Fuckin’ Time
In pages house
Some good ones, some bad ones.
Up and Down
focused, inconsistent, repetitive
Inconsistent, fun, uninspired
going too quickly
Ripcord segue “jams”
Back of flow
Return of Trey!
Fucking A Awesome
melt my face
High+ low points
Promising but Frustrating
Bringin it back
awesomely fun times
Awesome. Orgasmic. Life changing.
Inconsistent, but awesome
Superior sound system
Scrambled, Clean, Awesome
tight, hot, great
creative. edgy. bold
decent summer leg
Bring the Funk
What’s going on?
Happy they’re back

Best Jams and Moments from Leg 1

Tons of comments! Lots of repeat answers and far too many unique ones to type them all here. Please visit the link below to browse all the responses:

Best Jams and Moments

Any other thoughts about Leg 1, any question on the survey or any other General Thoughts?

In this open ended question, fans were pretty much able to share whatever was on their mind. We present, uncensored below, all the responses we received. We have filtered a handful to the top, but the remainder are in no particular order.

Phish 4.0 has arrived.

I thought the boys really brought it every night and played shows that had a little something for everyone.  There were highlights from each night that stood out, and it really looked like they’re having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves on stage which is great to see.  Some really tight, focused, and solid playing throughout the first Leg and I had a blast at the three shows that I was fortunate enough to get to.  Unfortunately time and money are my enemies for the rest of the summer and it looks like I won’t be seeing the boys for awhile.  O’well still having fun going to the shows that’s for sure.  Grew up in the groove Era and while things are different they’re the same in a lot of ways.  Always a good time and can’t wait to see them again!

Anyone who didn’t like this leg may not like phish.  Anyone who is unhappy about repeats doesn’t know the history of the band. And beside a few Trey abortions, the jamming was pretty great throughout.

@jadedvet is the most hilarious Phish Twitter feed. Funny because it’s tongue-in-cheek, “”When they left the Roma for the Saloon they jumped the shark.”” but makes fun of the people out there doing that for real. ”

“Phish rocks. Phish on Twitter rocks. Live commentary from shows such as @YEMBlog & others rock.  #gametapes was awesome! Let’s do that again.

Awesome awesome awesome. Sure, there were repeats. Sure, there were a few jams that left us with blue balls. But the important thing about this is:  #1. There were still a ton of gems/triumphs, #2. Most bands play the same songs EVERY night with NO jamming. Not that Phish is like any other band, but we can’t take them for granted. #3. The band is doing what they want to do… even if it’s not always what the entire fanbase wants them to do. As long as they keep playing shows and staying sober and happy, they can do whatever the frack they want.

People would have complained about jams/setlist rotation in 93, 94, 95 or 97 if they had the access to streams, recordings and setlist data that we have now, so shut up and maybe consume less. Just go to shows and have fun.

I am highly disappointed in this tour I have been seeing shows since 1993 and am upset about everyting. Enough with the fucking signs I want to be surprised by the setlist. Everyone is so clean and preppy its like MTV and the mall is at the shows I love so much. I will not be doing anymore shows until Trey gets off probation. I use to be so excited to got to shows. Its just not the same anymore. I am glad they are not doing any more shows after this summer they need to reboot again and so do we. Lets get over the fucking designer clothes and signs and let the music be the reason we go.

Whoever thinks Possum is or even can be overplayed needs hop on DMB tour and leave the foolish comments to your Mom

Thanks Parker!

Love taste:-)

There were good points, there were bad points. But it all works out- at Super Ball.
cant wait for rest of the tour…

Great work

What happened at Camden? I thought they always blew that place up.
“Great work on this! –



Thank you Parker for all that you do — you are truly an asset to the community!

Thank you phish and crew!

DTE, Blossom, carolinas and Ntelos killed it!

I don’t understand why Phish doesn’t jam like they used to. Extended jams for example, they have got away from that.

U. I. C.

Come to WV

Mansfield was killer.

Good work keep it up.

It seemed like song selection and setlists were in control instead of the jamming and improvisation.


Just so happy my favorite band is BACK!

Live the Phish from Vermont.

Sounds like they’re just going through the motions at times. Need to master their own compositions. Tickets ain’t cheap. Still my favorite band. Excited for icks.

Busting out the 3 songs I wanted three nights in a row before SuperBall IX

I thought it was a good leg, pretty average at best. Lot’s of repeats most shows but I thought it was enjoyable, needs more jamming

Didn’t pay for Alpharetta, but did watch at a friends place. Hope they continue the ppv. for some sold out shows.

Fun to see the candid behind the scene pics from Mike and Trey, FTR

I wanna visit Page’s House.  Love the HD official video releases.  Keep it up, Phish, inc.!!!

Fuckin start fucking jaming

Where did all those Possums come from?  I love the song as much as the next guy, but at some point it becomes “Whack-a-Mole.”

Love how tight they are.  Enjoyed some of the juicy jams this tour.  They still need to surrender to the phlow of the moment more.  And for god’s sake play the fuck out of Tube.

Looking forward to leg 2

Overall it was just so cool to hear/see the guys truly enjoying themselves again.”

Too many repeat

Thanks for doing this

You n00bs got off cheap catching Icculus twice in 3 years…


Phish is awesome. Can’t wait for the Ball!!

3.0 greatness

1995-what?  I’ll take Phish 3.0 any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Fun, and still developing. More great things to come. Dont neglect your Jedi training.

Phish needs to return to Bethel. Best venue ever.

had a blast at all 6 shows i went to, you can never have a shitty time at a show.

make mound a main stay

Ready for Watkins!

@tmwsiy for President in ’12

Play Vancouver BC again pls.


the band is straight dialed in and there having a ton of fun which in return makes me real happy and more fun to be had

If the ripcord continues I will ripcord to some other music. There I said it.


“people who buy taper tickets and don’t tape suck.  Non tapers who buy taper tickets then are COMPLETE ASSHOLES in the section are douchebags!”

Phish is good!

Hope this means mound will get the attention it deserves.

I’m hoping for another New Year’s Run in Florida.
I wish it were EXACTLY like 93/94, not one note different. I love living in the past.
I know a lot of people talk about trey’s tone these days but I have to say, to me, it sounds kind of thin. Sometimes it almost sounds like he is playing on dead strings.  I know it’s the new uncompressed sound that’s to blame. It’s not terrible I just miss the old balls to wall sound where it sounded like his guitar was a mighty multibeast and he was the only one who could wield it’s awesome power.

“Harpua>Thunder Road>Harpua would’ve made it a beyond magical moment, too bad Trey didn’t have Jimmy listening to this on the boat at the harbor.

It seems that the aborted songs were mainly due to trying to avoid blowing curfew.  I honestly think that maybe if they started closer to the ticket time and took a little less of a setbreak there would be more time to play.”

Would love to buy stream if it was less expensive

Will we ever hear Shaggy Dog again? Why no love for Deer Creek & Alpine this summer?

more streams please

Overall, I was less impressed with this tour than most other folks seem to be.  It certainly had its moments– every tour does– but they seemed fewer and further between than last fall/NYE.

I love Phish with a passion. They are playing extremely well. The only thing I ask for is more exploration. I know they will bring the creativity at Superball IX! Can’t wait!

“stop playing harpua when im not there!
i know, i know, boo frickin hoo”

Can’t wait for Halloween & new years! Thank god for PhiSH!!

Ever since the mid-west shows it seems that they’ve been more interested in playing more songs rather than jamming and exploring the songs they started.

Excellent time on leg 1, thanks guys!

Should be an N/A option for the venues reviews if you didn’t go to the show.

There are a ton of haters out there that only want to hear 20min type II jams. Wake up this is not 1994: the band has evolved and is playing tighter then ever before.

Tour life

Leg one was spectacular and I am amped for Superball IX.  I wish there were some more east coast dates on Leg 2 but I know I’ve already been spoiled rotten, so I’m grateful for what I’ve been able to see so far.  MY ONLY WISH IS THAT THEY PLAY DOGS STOLE THINGS AT SUPERBALL!!!


To me they sound as good as the late 90’s.  Sure some off nights, but they had those then too.  I am just so genuinely happy to be able to see how much these guys are enjoying each other and the music on stage.  Gives me hope we will have this for a while to come.  Great survey!!!

No more possum

“I’m not sure I can say this was the best tour since 2.0. The band’s reluctance to go deep was frustrating at times, and I’m not just talking about Trey’s ripcord; Page and Fishman were at least as responsible for not pushing jams into type II. Mike’s the man, as always.

Still, there were a ton of encouraging signs. Bethel1, Bethel2, Pine Knob, Blossom were phenomenal Phish shows, and Great Woods, Raleigh, and Portsmouth weren’t too far behind. While some songs seemed safe, a lot of others were really getting the TREATMENT. Therefore, while leg one had its faults, I’m really pumped for what the rest of summer holds, even though I won’t be able to catch any more shows.”

Official streams are a great idea for next tour!

I love Phish

Please jam more

Super ball ix will be something to remember for the rest of my life

“Truthfully, I think Mike’s Groove, Tweezer, Bowie, Reba, YEM, Rock and Roll, Antelope, and DWD need to be shelved a little while. There were some good moments coming out of Rock and Roll and DWD this past tour, it just seems like they are played a little too often. I haven’t heard a truly inspired Mike’s Groove in about ten years. I think they guys feel they have to play those songs for the fans but they’ve been done so many times that they’ve lost the passion for them. Lay them down for awhile and work on building new jams out of new material.
Scents and Subtle Sounds had some great moments during Phish 2.0/ Gumbo is continuously underused as a jam vehicle. Let Steam develop into a new different style jam. A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing has dark potential. I’ve been listening to them for 20 years and tunes like YEM and Mike’s Groove have been consistently average for a long, long time. ”

“Missed them at Bonaroo by 2 years!!
Need shows at SPAC, Jones Beach or Hartford. How about a sugarbush visit?

More open ended jams. Would love a jam from scratch to open a hot or set. Your phish you tale us on mind bending excursions

should I be worried about this mole?

All everyone talks about is how good the 24 minute DWD was. Why can’t the band give us more? Some of the best jams don’t even start getting amazing until 12 minutes in. Just letting a jam go on IS taking chances, and that’s why most people see this band. No more ripcord!

I like Phish

I didn’t attend any shows on Leg 1 so I chose acceptable for all the venue ratings. This survey might be improved by adding options for “didn’t attend” or “no opinion” for more questions. [Editor’s Note: Sorry for the lack of clarity on that. All questions with the exception of Alpharetta were optional. If you were not at a venue, and didn’t want to rate, just skipping it was fine. I think most people figured this out but next time will specifically mention it]

If the band keeps progressing creatively from tour to tour like they have since they came back and they maintain this unprecedented level of musical playing, the phuture is limitless. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Eminence Front at IX

Voice emulator for Been Caught Stealing was not needed

Let the band do what they please. If you,as a fan, have to hear the longer jams, then pull out you 1994 tapes. Be content and appreciative.

Hope they get it together, first leg was bad

I’m pretty darn happy with Phish touring and what they’re doing.  I understand people wanting more consistent type-II etc, but it’s probably not fair to expect that from them at this stage.  That being said people saying there’s no type-II are befuddling to me.  There was a 24min Disease this tour.  Was there any jam over 20min in 2010?

See above

Finally I feel like Trey has total control over his guitar.  His confidence is peaking right now.  I’d love to see the creativity catch up to technique.

Suzy Greenberg is a terrible song.

“loved it”

I love Phish and some groups in the community have become so flippin jaded it makes me sick. It is not the fall of 1997 lets keep things POSITIVE and quit bitching about every aborted jam or how many times Possum was Played.  Sure It was played a ton and yes I would like a better mix but the boys are on stage and not only on stage but they look like they are having fun AND they sound great.  No band is perfect but I would rather give my $45 or $60 to them then any other band on tour right now and that goes double for My Morning Jacket!

Started off amazing, lagged in the middle and finished real strong.  How come so little ghost or yem and so much possum, bowie, and hood?  Bring back scents and subtle sounds and more 2.0 songs.

Mansfield to Darien was a haul, I only got one spin on the ferris wheel….

I don’t see all of the hate – thought the band was great.

Very cool they played Thunder Road, but it sounded miserable. I wish they had taken the time to nail it and waited for the debut. I hope they play it again and get it right this time.

I’ll get nitpicky and say there’s way too much Possum. Still, I’m loving tour and think the band continues to destroy.

The boys are back!

Great mixture of shows, there was something for everyone-just hope you were there that night.  Great fun and energy at every show.  A little more jamming Please!

Good stuff HiddenTrack, love what you’re doing for the community.  Keep it up!

I seriously hope Trey stops cutting off jams. I think that “setlist” sheet they are using isn’t helping. Trey now has a bunch of songs running through his head and is crowbaring his way from song to song instead of developing a natural flow to many shows (esp the second sets in the middle of summer tour from PNC->Alpharetta). Send help!

Nice Job!


I really hope I can get enough money for CO in addition to the Gorge.
They are really gelling again, i feel that they are really having fun up there. But, something is still missing and that is the improv. On the IT DVD Page says it best. He says something like this; ” There are things that happen when we are improvising, a jam will go on for 5 mins, 10 mins for 15 mins and all of a sudden at 17 mins something will happen where its get to this place musically where if you had not persevered, and kept pushing on for those first 15 mins of the jam you never would have seen this thing, that music would not have never been created at all, but now we have that.”

I love this band. I live summer tour. Wish all the critics would settle down. Wish young drunk noobs would stay home. I love Phishheads. All my Phriends!!!!!!

I leave the thinking to you guys most of the time. Good survey. I’ll look forward to the results.

who do you think YOU are asking ME questions [Editor’s note: Shoot! Never thought of that!]

need to come back to Indy to play.

Phishing is playing as well as ever.
“UIC will be epic. Really looking forward to it. But a whole LOT of my crew aren’t seeing any shows this summer because Phish ditched the classic Midwest summertime venues.

Would rather see more songs in medium-rotation than several played too much with bustouts & one-offs sprinkled in.

Keep havin’ fun. I sure as hell did!”

A solid tour that peaked early, but had a nice comeback during the final 4 shows.
“Bo back to Bethel.  This was my 55th 3.0 show and I love BETHEL!!!

woot w00t
Keep busting out those Sands. Page was bringing the funk. Great leg 1 looking forward and peaking at the right time for leg 2

(.)(.)   [Editor’s Note: Clever!]

Missing the longer jams but like the concise and understanding to the fact that the band is evolving, finding the balance in jamming from yester year vs today. Like the regional, mini tour concept. UIC will be fantastic/legendary but tough to swallow in lieu of a summer Alpine and DC run. The guys look healthy and happy. I feel more connected than ever as we grow, together, in finding the right mix of age, family, tour and work responsibilities.

You shouldn’t word one of the questions as a given that Phish came out of the gates so hot for the Bethel shows.  I mean, I wasn’t there, and I’m sure they were fun, but the recordings didn’t just blow me away.  The Gin > Manteca > Gin was nice but otherwise.. meh. [Editor’s Note: Actually that’s a good point..the question was leading]

Great survey!

Phish should play WV.  Return to GameHoist.  Play WOTC, Seven Below, ASIHTOS, & S&SS  @ SuperBall 9.

love the new Phish, love the quality of the AUD tapes so far

“only question I had a question on was when asked what part of leg 2 i was looking most forward to. I didn’t really consider SB IX to be part of leg 2 more the break/rager in between. I’m only hitting up three shows on leg 2 but have been waiting for SBIX since February so obviously picked SBIX.

Whatever, this was fun. thanks!”

keep it up

Looking forward to UIC

Phish is still getting better every tour since Hampton ’09

more songs in the rotation, please
just feel very fortunate to have my band back, playing so well and being happy and healthy, and hopeful for many more years of this kind of Phish.

Listened to every show multiple times and don’t get me wrong, they sounded tight. But literally, like 10+ times, I found myself fully engrossed in a sick jam and it’s about to peak and take off and trey shuts it down premature. Just let the jams go a tad further please! Please….We’re all begging you!

A BAD DAY OPH PHISHING ( if there could be such a thing ) IS BETTER THAN A GOOD DAY OPH WORK. ‘

It seems that the band has chosen to stray away from type 2 jamming and stick to the inherent structure of the jams.  This is a shame.  While those jams are still really good and fun to listen to, I have heard them a lot.  I am always excited when a jam takes and unexpected turn, veering off course from the predicted route.  There really wasn’t much of that this tour, and it’s the thing I am most excited to get to see at a show.

Hope we get surprises for this leg.

Good survey…ask more questions about US – curious to know what people do for a living, where we live, how much money we make, what kind of car we drive, how old we are, etc. [Editor’s Note: Good point, though we did ask lots of demographic questions last survey. Will do again next time]

Need more type ii

Would love to see more songs added to the overall mix with a bit more frequency- especially songs that haven’t necessarily had a chance to stretch out and breathe much, but other rarities as well: Pebbles and Marbles, ASIHTOS, Waves, Scents, Golden Age, longer Tubes, Halley’s, Gumbos, Frees, and now-rarities such as CTB, Brother, Taste. Overall, great tour- very happy with the direction of the music.
Lots of great moments

Thinks trey should relax a little bit.  I understand what he is trying to do by generalizing his solos, but he needs to calm down.  Also I think unexpected seques are what the audience likes a lot for example The harry hood- have mercy- harry hood.

This tour was very incredible, especially being leg 1. However, at this rate, some of the big jam songs are losing their magic. We need the boys to bring a little more jam to a few other songs. And the continued shelving of a lot of 2.0 songs still boggles my mind. Where the heck is Scents and Subtle Sounds?


This survey is awesome!

Mail in tour.

Trey is back to sounding like the guitar god he is and the band is sounding great. I can’t wait to see them again, but I would give just about anything for them to play some actual shows in my city of Austin. If I believed in god, I would definitely pray for a 3 night run in Austin

I will never buy tickets again.  Getting them in the lot from now on.  They are too expensive.  Let us download any show we want, not the show we went to.  The show I went to sucked.  PNC 2.  I ditched camden due to bad music on the east coast.  Glad I did too.  Give me 2009 downloads for free of shows I have stub for.  I mean how much money do I have to spend on PHISH.  I personally am paying for Fishman’s daughter to go to the college of her choice.

Why was BDTNL played so often?

see you at the ball

Loved it.  I hope they do another run through Ohio but come to Columbus next year too.

I know Camden was at the lower end but let’s give the boys a hand for rocking out for almost over 3 hours not to mention that free was awesome. Also I like how when you hik it’s set closer they play 3 more songs and youre thinking damn they’ve done it again!

Didn’t make any of the shows this leg and am kicking myself for not figuring out a way to get to a least one or two! Hopefully leg 2 will be just as good 🙂

Keep the train rolling along!

Superball here we come!

Mansfield sound outside the pavillion blows bad

An occasional glimpse of brilliance within some heavily refined and structured playing.

If they were this in fire for leg one, they are going to kick our asses at Superball.

It made me excited for leg two, and am possibly going to go to more shows than originally planned if playing keeps up.

I want the 6 song 2nd set that goes for 85 minutes.

Keep it rolling boys…

People for a 30 minute Free.

Wish the festival wasn’t 10+ days after tour. Makes it very tricky for west coasters.

summer jam 2011!

Best couch tour so far.

Sounds like 2012 is going to be a bummer year with light touring, so enjoy 2011!
Superball here we come!!

More jam!!

East coast got most of the shows hopefully us west coast gets a few special songs or surprises. Plus leg 2 here I come it’ll be my honeymoon I love Phish that much!!

more tits

Hope the band plays the following at SuperBallIX or Leg 2: All of These Dreams, Lengthwise, Fast Enough for You, Anything But Me, Crowd Control, Pebbles & Marbles, Walfredo, Cinnamon Girl, Lifeboy, Meat, Sugar Shack, My Soul, Fee, Bittersweet Motel, Scents & Subtle Sounds, Shafty, Back at the Chicken Shack, What’s the Use?, Mozambique, Izabella, Dogs Stole Things, TMWSIY> Avenu Malkenu> TMWSIY, Alumni Blues, Albuquerque, Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey, Steam, Nellie Kane, Will It Go Round in Circles, Rocko Williams, Two Versions of Me, Dog Faced Boy, Soul Shakedown Party, Cool It Down, Spock’s Brain, Shine A Light, Amoreena, Camel Walk, Driver, Frankie Says, Tela, You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere… for starters!

What happens when we die?

loved the revival of birds second set, please explore.

the highs are high enough, the lows aren’t nearly as low as people seem to think… we’re heading in a great direction, together.


I Likey the survey.

What about the venues themselves?

Clearly, Bethel was a big winner in fan perception of overall venue enjoyment. Lets cross our fingers to a return visit in 2012.

Well there you have it fans. You told us your favorite jams, laid out some random thoughts, described your favorite moments, used three words to describe the tour and shared your take on the venues Phish played.

Any results surprise you? Leave comments below.

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