Phish Super Ball IX: Soundcheck

The members of Phish took the stage just after 4PM for their Super Ball IX soundcheck at Watkins Glen International racetrack in Watkins Glen, NY. As with most past Phish Festivals, the soundcheck is being broadcast live on The Bunny. You can hear The Bunny through the Live Phish app, Radio or over Sirius/XM’s Jam_ON radio.

Phish Super Ball IX Soundcheck

Set: [4:06PM] Jam > Undermind, Sleep Again, My Soul, Ginseng Sullivan, Jam [5:10PM]

The band got their feet wet with a quick improvisation that led into a tight version of Undermind. Phish did struggle through Sleep Again, which hasn’t been performed in concert since August 7, 2010 at the Greek in Berkeley, though we did get to hear Fish get a lesson on how the song is supposed to end from Trey. My Soul featured some vicious licks from Anastasio and Ginseng Sullivan gave everyone a chance to catch their breaths before a mesmerizing 20-minute jam that ended the soundcheck.

Over the course of the 20 minutes, this exploration went off in a number of directions with each member of the band taking a turn leading the jam. At points you could almost picture them going into Bathtub Gin or Ghost or Wolfman’s Brother, but unlike many of the actual shows Phish just went with the improv to the delight of those in attendance and the listening audience.

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  1. hey Dan, what’s the bit rate of that wma? oh wait….if the actual Sirius stream was in mp3, wouldn’t that make you wma file a lossy transcode???

  2. I can’t help but be reminded of the grateful dead’s “soundcheck” from Watkins glen in 73. It turned into an unannounced show where the dead were clearly wanting to play and it showed in their music. I think phish is super stoked for this festival and are definitely wanting to play. Let’s hope for some truly experimental jams.

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