Friday’s Leftovers: Genesis Spoiler

Genesis returned to the stage last week to play three songs for VH1: Rock Honors (Heart, Ozzy Osbourne and ZZ Top also played the show). In a pretty cool move, Genesis performed one song from each decade of their history — here’s the setlist and some amateur videos for those of you that don’t want to wait until Rock Honors premieres on Thursday at 9 pm Eastern:

Turn It On Again (1980)
No Son of Mine (1991)
Drum Duet / Los Endos (1976)

Other news from around the rock world this week:

Anyone out there hitting up some live music this weekend? Anything good? Leave us a message below and tell us all abooot it…eh?

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4 Responses

  1. Am I missing something? Are we really that excited about a Genesis reunion? They are one of my faves, but call me when they get Gabriel on board. Actually call me when you can transport me back to the early 70s. No wait, really call me when Phish reunites on Halloween to cover Lamb in full regalia.
    PS- Your fiona apple link hits mooney suzuki…

  2. Genesis made some great music in the ’80s, they have a lot of material to choose from for the upcoming tour.

    I’m excited to hear them play again, and hopefully Petey will be back next year.


  3. Hey everybody!

    Was attending the concert in Switzerland yesterday, and it was just brilliant! As an old proggie at heart, I especially liked the old stuff. I’ve put a full review including some pics from the gig on my blog; you can check it out here and leave a comment if you like:

    Music Of The Moment

    To all of you who still have their concert experience ahead: have an excellent time and better weather! 🙂

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