Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Let’s Dance, Let’s Shout

My buddy Fritz recently asked for some help in selecting music for his wedding reception down in Mejico. This song, and specifically this version, topped my list…

There’s not much to say about Marvin Gaye that hasn’t been said ad nauseum by tons of white people trying to look hip (like myself). The guy had a tremendous set of pipes, fantastic dance moves and his dad shot him dead. We’ve heard it all before. The only somewhat under-the-radar fact about Gaye I know is that he got cougared — his first wife, Berry Gordy’s sister, was 17 years older than him. I think I like using cougar as a verb, but that’s not really important here.

What’s terrifically important is that this version of Got To Give It Up from the 1980 Montreux Jazz Festival contains eight of the most badass minutes in music history. I said Goddamn! I literally dance on tables when I hear this tune…

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2 thoughts on “Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Let’s Dance, Let’s Shout

  1. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Random trivia: Got To Give It Up was #1 on the billboard charts when I was born. No wonder my funk is so deep.

  2. ginz Reply

    so was mellencamp was de- cougared ?

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