YMSB Signs Free Agent Bob Weaver

The long-dormant drummer for the popular rock band Phish is slowly coming back to public music. On the heels of Jon Fishman’s sit-in with the potty-mouthed Touchpants before RAQ’s Green Apple Music Festival show at Bowery Ballroom last month, the four-piece Yonder Mountain String Band announced today it’s added Fishman to the lineup for its September 2nd show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This is what you’d call a good add:

Yonder will continue to break new ground this Labor Day weekend at Red Rocks. Special guest drummer Jon Fishman of Phish will sit in with Yonder during their 2-set show, which is a dream-come-true for the band.

This is Red Rocks! This is a four-piece string band with a guest drummer!


That’ll surely bring out some more Colorado folk to the park on Labor Day weekend, but the undercard should do so as well. I’ve never heard of singer-songwriter Todd Snider, but I’d actually consider seeing the other supporting act in a venue like Red Rocks if they headlined by themselves:

In addition to Fishman, the line up also includes Mexican guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela.

We caught this acoustic Mariachi Metal duo at Webster Hall in mid-April, and I haven’t been that impressed by a new band in quite some time. If you’re going, plan on getting in there early for a glimpse of a unique sound. Glimpse of a sound? How does that work? Way to write poorly, Ace.

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  1. what exactly did bob weaver utter at the bowery pre-raq to piss off all the dames? oops. sorry. I mean, what did he do to get all the broad’s panties in a knot? ooops…really…sorry again. so what did Fishman do to get the chicks all up on their menstrual cycle? DAmn….forget it.

  2. It’s time you introduce yourself to Todd Snider; a witty and richly detailed songwriter with boatloads of energy on stage. Bet on at least a Jeff Austin cameo during that set too. B – double E -double R – U – N….BEER RUN!!!

  3. Pete at Ickmusic sent me a song of his last night…pretty funny, and well-played. Can’t say that I’m gonna start listening to this modern-day, inane Phil Ochs on a regular basis, but if his name pops up, I’ll surely check him out. Thanks for the heads up, JW.

  4. My river-runnin’ hog-tyin’ shit-kickin’ friend out here in AZ got me into Todd Snider’s music. Snider is a modern-day cowboy version of Frank Zappa. Sure, a smart chimp could play his songs on the geetar, but his lyrics are meaningful, hilarious, and very well-written. He is certainly worth checking out.

  5. As NoBowl’s “river-runnin’ hog-tyin’ shit kickin'” “friend,” I have to give some props to Todd Snider. He puts on a great show. Check out some of his stuff, he is on Itunes. You would like “Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males.” He had a new album come out early last month, “Peace, Love and Anarchy (Rarities, B-Sides and Demos, Vol.1).” It is raw compared to his other stuff, but it is solid. I am definitely road-tripping to Red Rocks for the show. Thanks for the heads up. Let us know what you think of Snider if you take a listen.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion and the heads up, guys…I listened to “Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males” the other day, and while I was definitely impressed with the quality of the lyrics, I’m not sure this is my cup of tea. I keep picturing Phil Hartman’s Bill McNeil character singing those political tunes at the piano…but I’d like to see him live and find out what he’s made of. Anyway, thanks gents.

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