DoobTube: Radio on the TV This Weekend

In between hitting live shows this weekend, why don’t you make the most of the $100 you spend each month for cable and set your DVR to record these shows…

Woodstock: The Movie VH-1 Classic SUN 8PM EDT

Friday Night

  • That other Elvis, the one with the Attractions, makes his 417th appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman [CBS 11:35 pm EDT]
  • Jay Leno ups the hipster quotient when Peter, Bjorn, and John stop by the Tonight Show [NBC 11:35 pm EDT]
  • If you’ve never seen My Chemical Romance live in concert, check out their show in glorious HDTV [MojoHD 10:30 pm EDT]


  • We’re huge fans of the Classic Albums series. Give your NetFlix account a rest and check out the incredible installment on Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast [VH-1 Classic 12 am EDT]
  • MTV is leaving the programming to the wacked-out crew from Human Giant, a new sketch comedy show that has all of the makings of not sucking [MTV, & MTV2]
  • Stick it to George Bush by watching The Dixie Chicks on a repeat of Austin City Limits [PBS check local listings]


  • Radiohead, Keane, Morrissey, and Paul Weller are among the artists who played at the V Festival last August. If you didn’t make it over to the UK for the show, here’s your chance to watch some of the highlights [HDNet 5 am EDT]
  • Herbie Hancock wanted to try something completely different for his last album by playing with superstars from many different scenes. The whole process was recorded for an incredible documentary that features Sting, Trey Anastasio, and Joss Stone, among others. [HDNet Movies 3 pm EDT]
  • Thought you had it bad at Coventry? Woodstock: The Movie gives you a taste of what it was like at the real mud city. [VH1 Classic 8 pm EDT]

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