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I myself have been involved with HeadCount in a few capacities since late 2005, for which I am currently an Artist Relations rep, so I have some inside insight into what makes it tick, and believe me, it all starts with its heart and soul, Bernstein and fellow co-founder Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits. Bernstein and Brownstein are attempting to build on registering over 100,000 voters in 2008. Along with the artist power of Brownstein, HeadCount has cultivated relationships with Dave Matthews, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio of Phish, Jack Johnson, filmed a PSA with Jay-Z and has been involved with seemingly everyone in between.

This ties in with another big, and perhaps the most visible and successful aspects of HeadCount’s methods of late – Signs of the Times. Bernstein explains, “At the shows, artists and fans take pictures at our photo booth with sayings like ‘BLANK inspires me’ and people write in whatever they feel with dry erase markers. To date, thousands of fans and over 50 artists have participated in it.” He concludes, “There is a point to this all, where we have momentum going into the Presidential election year.”


Overall, HeadCount is about making a difference. That is the very reason I signed up with them years ago. They want to help change not only the scene, but the world we live in. And judging by their current and future plans, are well on their way.  Please make sure to check them out, register to vote if you are not or have moved recently, volunteer and most importantly, hit the polls, as this doesn’t work without our participation as well, even with HeadCount leading the way. “Next year we will be out doing the things we’ve done, just bigger and better, like sending teams out on the road with bands at well over 1,000 concerts. We will have more reach with digital media where we can partner with people. We just want to go out and speak to people. That’s what this is about. It’s about connecting with people one on one, but also as a community as a whole.” He finishes with a very simple, yet poignant sentiment that sums up HeadCount in a nutshell, “Our job is to start getting people thinking about this stuff and I think we’re in really good shape.”

From personal experience, I tend to agree and hope you all do too. Now, as I used to yell at shows in 2006: “Go out and vote!”

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