Aging Brits Play Blind Faith Tunes

Now is the summer of our nostalgia, made glorious by these bands of yore.

Add another quasi-reunion to the growing list: Eric Clapton joined former Blind Faith mate Steve Winwood and his band for most of their set last night at the Countryside Rocks festival in the UK. Clapton came out about halfway through Winwood’s set for some marvelous versions of Presence of the Lord, Can’t Find My Way Home, Crossroads, Had To Cry Today, Little Queen of Spades, and Gimme Some Lovin’.

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Back in March we posted that Winwood will be performing at Clapton’s Crossroads Music Festival on July 28th in Chicago. It remains to be seen whether former Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker (or deceased bassist Rick Grech, for that matter) will join Clapton and Winwood on stage in the Second City.

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  1. So in the past two years, Clapton has reformed Cream, played old Dominos tunes with a guy named Derek, and now he’s taking steps to get back into the Blind Faith catalog. I mean, I love it, I’m all for short-lived nostalgia of this sort and magnitude, but what’s next after this — a Yardbirds reunion?

    I’m also on record as saying I’d rather not see Ginger Baker back there on the kit. I enjoyed the Cream show at MSG that I saw, but I thought Ginger was waaaay too slow for the quickness of Slowhand.

  2. Fantastic stuff!!! What’s up with Windwood playing guitar on “Can’t Find My Way Home”?? Steve stay behind the organ and let EC do what he does best.

  3. The Blind Faith DVD is worth watching. Really crisp footage from 1969. They’re all so young. I like Winwood, but his voice is good for about an hour-about the length of the DVD. Ginger Baker may be tired now, but he is an absolute monster on this DVD. Check it.

  4. Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas (USA) would be an awesome place to have such a reunion. They need to play all of their favorites; “Sea of Joy”, “Can’t Find My Way Home”, “Presence Of The Lord” and “Had To Cry Today”. It would be one for the ages.

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