Update: Lesh’s West Coast Ramble Plans – Terrapin Crossroads New Location

Back in March we hipped you to Grateful Dead/Furthur bassist Phil Lesh’s plans to build a venue/performance space/community center in Marin County modeled after Levon Helm’s famed barn in Woodstock. At the time, Lesh wanted to call the venue Terrapin Landing and we promised we’d share any updates as soon as they were available. In today’s Marin Independent Journal, music critic Paul Liberatore provides that update after speaking with Lesh about the status of the project.

First off, the name Terrapin Landing is out, replaced by Terrapin Crossroads. Phil explained to Liberatore, “Crossroads feels like we’re still in motion, whereas ‘landing’ implies we’re at the journey’s end. But it’s not the journey’s end, believe me. This is a new beginning.” Also, Lesh was originally looking at health food store in Fairfax, CA to host his venue, but after a close look at the location decided neighbors’ concerns were justified and are now looking at an old mechanics shop nearby on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard…

“It’s solidly on Drake, not on a residential corner,” Jill Lesh explained. “The performance space will be concrete clad in wood, so it will be completely soundproof. You would not be able to hear anything outside. Obviously, we have to deal with parking and traffic and other issues, and that’s what the use permit process is for. We have a lot of work to do to see if we can address all those concerns.”

Phil and Jill want the town to issue them a use permit and won’t close on the prospective new location until Fairfax signs off.  According to Jill, they won’t hestiate to look elsewhere within the county if necessary…

“There are lots of places in Marin where we could do this, but Fairfax feels like such a welcoming family town. They even have a Jerry Garcia memorial. It’s a town where we feel we could be personally involved, where we can make a positive difference. And also bring in some world-class music.”

Libertore’s article goes on to mention that in addition to a performance space, called the “Grate Room,” Terrapin Crossroads will have rooms for workshops and community gatherings. The next step should be the town approving the new use for the property in question. Once the permit has been told and done, I know we’ll be there soon.

[via Marin Independent Journal]

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