Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres and Weekend Setlists

Arcade Fire

05/18/2007 Chicago Theater, Chicago IL [via fightingtheyouth]

Set 1: Black Mirror, Keep the Car Running, (ANtiChrist Televlision Blues), No Cars Go, Haiti, Laika
Intervention, Neon Bible (coda), Body is a Cage, Windowsill, Well and the Lighthouse, Power Out, Rebellion(Lies), Ocean of Noise, Tunnels, Backseat

Brock Butler and Friends

05/18/2007 Ale House, Auburn AL [via TIP]

Set 1: The Only Living Boy, Ain’t Wasting Time No More, Hesitating Beauty, Queen Bee, Fight Test*, Norwegian Wood*, Do Your Thing**, Kiss**, Decepticon Structure**, Suburban Speedball**, I know What I know**, Breathe In**, Song Yet To Be Sung**, Mota**->Get Ready**->Garden Grove**->Rap**->All Night Long**, Soprano’s Theme**
Encore: Sweet Oblivious Antidote**

*with Albert
**with Albert and Adam

05/19/07 Crossroads, Huntsville AL [via TIP]

Set 1: New Song(2 in 2 days?)^+, Slip Sliding Away+, It Starts Where It Ends*, Sweet Thang*, Woke Up This Morning(Soprano’s Theme)*, Pepper*, Golden Path(monster Drum intro)*, Do It Again(Steely Dan)*#, Boogie Nights*

^First Time played?
+Brock solo
*Brock, Albert, & Adam
#with Keyboardist from SeepeopleS

Damien Rice

05/18/2007 Massey Hall, Toronto ON [via intothewoods]

Set 1: 9 Crimes, “Baby Sister” (a b-side I didn’t know), Volcano, Me, My Yoke and I, Aimee, Coconut Skins, Woman Like A Man, Delicate, Never Leave You – performed by his cellist, I Remember, Accidental Babies, Cannonball
Encore: The Professor, Blower’s Daughter, Unplayed Piano, Cheers Darlin’

Disco Biscuits

05/18/07 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT [via PT]

Set I: Stone> The Devil’s Waltz, Strobelights and Martinis> Rock Candy, Aceetobee

Set II: Pinball Wizard> I-Man> Lunar Pursuit> Astronaut, Lithium> 10 Ton Foot
Encore: House Dog Party Favor

05/19/07 Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA [via PT]

Set I: Little Lai, Helicopters> Crickets1> Helicopters, Kitchen Mitts

Set II: Kelly Watch the Stars, Mindless Dribble> Orch Theme> Spacebirdmatingcall, Home Again
Encore: Moshi Fameus2> November Rain, Spy

1 inverted
2 with Aron and Allen only

Heaven and Hell

05/19/2007 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel NJ [via torrent]

Set 1: E5150–> After All, The Mob Rules, Children Of The Sea, Lady Evil, I, Sign Of The Southern Cross, Voodoo, The Devil Cried, -drum solo-, Computer God, Falling off the Edge Of The World, Shadow Of The Wind, Die Young, Heaven & Hell
Encore: Neon Knights

Porcupine Tree

05/18/2007 House of Blues, Cleveland OH [via audientfiles]

Set 1: Fear of a Blank Planet, My Ashes, Anesthetize, Sentimental, Way Out of Here, Sleep Together

Set 2: Lightbulb Sun, Open Car, Gravity Eyelids, Drown with Me, Blackest Eyes, Half Light, Sever, Trains
Encore: Mother and Child Divided, Halo

Steely Dan

05/18/2007 Chevrolet Theater, Wallingford CT [via torrent]

Set 1: Time out of Mind, Godwhacker, Bad Sneakers, Two Against Nature, Pretzel Logic, Haitian Divorce, Hey Nineteen, Peg, Babylon Sisters, I Got the News, Dirty Work, Josie, Aja, Kid Charlemagne,
Encore: Black Cow, Bodhisattva

Tapes and Tapes

05/18/2007 The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC NY [via musicmattersman]

Set 1: Drums, Iliad, Beach, Demon, Blunt, Houston, 10 Gallon, Head, Ice, Lines, Omaha, Toba, Cowbell, Hang, Insiston, Jakov’s

The Sea and Cake

05/18/2007 Bimbo’s 360, San Francisco CA [via I Was in the Pool]


05/19/2007 Ford Center, Oklahoma City OK [via torrent]

Set 1: Jambi, Stinkfist, soundscape one, Forty-six & 2, soundscape two, Schism, Lost Keys, Rosetta Stoned, soundscape three/Intension, Right In Two
Encore: Wings For Marie, 10K Days, Lateralus + outro

White Stripes

05/18/2007 The Cannery, Nashville TN [via NME]

Set 1: Tennessee Border,When I Hear My Name, Black Math, Do, Cause And Effect, Jolene, Death Letter/Motherless Children, Hotel Yorba, Im A Martyr For My Love For You, Cannon/John The Revelator, Ball And Biscuit, Im Slowly Turning Into You, Were Going To Be Friends, Apple Blossom, Wasting My Time
Encore: Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Rated X, Seven Nation Army

Zen Tricksters

05/18/07 Landmark on Main Street, Port Washington NY [via]

Set 1: American Beauty, So Hard, Golden Road, Mississippi Half Step, Moments Away, I Want to Tell You> Shelter> No Better Way

entire set w/ Donna Jean; After the DJ&tT set, Mookie Siegel played the entire New Riders set, Donna joined the NRPS for I Don’t Know You and Garden of Eden, and Jeff played on Henry and Garden of Eden

05/19/07 Tamaqua, Brooklyn NY [via]

Set 1: All Night Long Blues*, Box of Rain, Louisiana Lady, Mission in the Rain, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!**, Talk of the Town> Jam> Light of Life> Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair, Lonesome Fiddle Blues**

* w/ Wendy Lanter (Donna Jean & the Tricksters) – vocal ** w/ Jimmy Fleming (The Electrix) – fiddle

ZZ Top

5/18/07 Chevrolet Centre, Youngstown OH [via torrent]

Set 1: Thunderbird, Francine, Waitin’ For The Bus>Jesus Just Left Chicago, I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide, Pincushion, Bang Bang, Cheap Sunglasses, Two Trains Running, Brown Sugar, Pearl Necklace, Just Got Paid, Got Me Under Pressure, Gimme All Your Lovin’, Sharp Dressed Man, Viva Las Vegas, Legs
Encore: La Grange >Bar-B-Q>La Grange, Tush

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  1. I’m enjoying the setlists B! The Biscuits were 2 for 2 as far as I was concerned last week. I caught Lupo’s and Calvin and they sounded great.

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