MP3 Boot Camp: Live Tedeschi Trucks

Last month the Tedeschi Trucks Band toured Europe including a number of festival stops such as a July 9th performance at the famed North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. The TTB’s set was broadcast over FM radio and you can download the set from The Clock That Went Backwards Again. Be sure to look for the link in the comments section or you might miss it.

Here’s six other bootlegs to keep your iPhone kicking out the jams…

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  1. Long time reader, first time bootleg downloader. Thanks for the Billy Joel show from Syracuse ’90. I’ve actually gotten into verbal sparring matches with those who don’t believe in Billy’s genius. I hold him in very high regard, despite the image as a short, balding, car crashing, drunk who beds some of the hottest woman out there. “WHAT ABOUT THE SONGS?!!?” [I always ask]. No wonder he started writing classical music…no one took him seriously otherwise. If you want a taste of his talent, humility, and genius, try to get a hold of his interview on Howard Stern from about a year ago. Youtube maybe? Brilliant guy and a hell of a writer of pop music and lyrics. We’ll all go down together indeed…I’m with you Billy.

  2. Hi, Ryan.

    Thanks for checking out the column. First time we’ve done one of these in a while and I’m glad someone is reading. I see no Facebook “likes” and no comments, which makes me wonder if a bootleg link dump is worth anyone’s while.

    But I digress…

    I grew up in Jersey and an education in Billy Joel was a prerequisite. I’m a huge fan of his songs and not just the hits. He wrote so many amazing tunes over the years and is actually quite a showman. I have about 10 boots at this point; each with completely different setlists and styles. Glad to add this Syracuse show to the pile.

    Really enjoyed his Howard Stern interview. Wrote it up earlier this year:

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