Friday Mix Tape: My Name is August West

For this installment of Friday Mix Tape, I decided to put a spin on some appropriate themes popping off today: summertime — specifically the month of August — and heading West. So, let me break down the tracks, and enjoy…it’s summertime!

Kicking off with my 2nd favorite song of all time, the Talking Heads’ This Must be the Place (Naive Melody), this mix immediate gets into party mode – a true sign of a fun, summer, dance party. As we move along, we continue along with another of my favorite bands and favorite tunes: Driving West by God Street Wine. This songs makes me want to put the top down, crank the stereo and put my foot on the accelerator, while driving west to go see the girl of your dreams.

Bruce Hornsby and The Range keep us chugging along with Western Sklyline, before the poignant part of the program where my English-major, analytical side of my brain takes over and begins associating the West with death in some way. Lifeboy by Phish and West L.A. Fadeaway by The Grateful Dead signify the most introspective aspects of life and the ultimate West, but there are not meant to be a bummer, rather a reminder to enjoy summertime and the beauty that goes along with it.

Finishing off with another slow yet powerful tune, and the inspiration for this playlists title, Wharf Rat and Homecoming by Kanye WEST, we come full-circle back to dance party mode. While I know Kanye West has nothing to do with headed left or the the ultimate West a la The Great Gatsby, but this is my summertime playlist and there are no rules!

So, crank it up this Friday and don’t let the summer pass you by…and for all those headed West this week for any music, enjoy!

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