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Every now and again we like to go spelunking through the extensive streamable archives on the SugarMegs server and recommend some hidden gems. And since we usually can’t get passed the first half of the alphabet — there’s too much! — we thought this time we’d start from the bottom and work our way north. Hopefully one of these five handpicked shows itches you right where you scratch:


All five of these are fantastic shows, but the last two stand out as especially worthy of your time today. The Tower of Power show will surprise you and funk you up good, and the Sting show shows off covers like Penny Lane and Purple Haze, not to mention a seriously kickass When the World is Running Down and a great sit-in from Jerry Garcia on Walking on the Moon. Get on it, folks.

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  1. I hate both of you and your (collective) ASS! FACE!!! I was at that Dead show and was having too much fun in the lot listening to a wookie drum circle while chowing on heady grilled cheeses and downing crunchy Sam Smiths to be bothered by seeing Sting’s set. Of course, the second we got in, everyone was talking about Jerry’s sit-in. That’s OK, I made up for it by missing Traffic’s set the next year, too. In the words of History of the World Part I’s Joesephus (as played by Greg Hines) after spilling wine on Caesar: “Whoops.” But seriously, Sting’s set sounds fantastic. Great find.

  2. Sorry, Corky St. Jackwater, I did not mean to offend your delicate Broadway sensibilities. That Sting show gets a lot of play on my iPod, though, as it contains a SICK keys-bass jam in World/Running Down. The last 30 minutes of his set is just off the charts. Say it with me now, we need new charts.

    You hear it from the lot at all?

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