Jam in the Dam: More Nights, More Bands

First off, we want to thank everyone for participating in our additional artists’ poll. The poll on our message board has gotten around 13,000 views in less than three weeks. We tried to narrow the choices to artists that had expressed interest in past years, and who would also contribute to an amazing show.

Well, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t narrow it down to two more bands. So, we’re bringing three! Six bands, you ask, how is that going to work in three nights? It won’t. So we are expanding the festival to four nights!

We are very excited to add the Disco Biscuits, Dark Star Orchestra, and Perpetual Groove. These were the top three vote-getters in the poll. You spoke, we listened. But we had to get very creative to accomplish this lineup. Here’s how:

The festival will now span four nights, March 16-17-18-19, 2008. We are also taking the unusual step of announcing the schedule concurrent with this announcement, so folks can get a gander at exactly how it will work. In short, DSO will only play the first two nights in the Max. Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits will each have one night off out of four to potentially come and act as fans/guest musicians. We will play Tea Leaf Green, PGroove, and Lotus in the Old Hall each night, but only for March 16-17-18. On the 19th, the only show will be Umphrey’s McGee and the Biscuits in the Max, doing slightly longer sets.

What about DSO? Are they getting shortchanged? NO! As a result of so many of our European fans asking for DSO on a weekend, they will play the pre-party in the Old Hall on Saturday March 15th, doing their entire show. This show will be a separate ticket. Got all that? Didn’t think so. Take a look here at the schedule:


A departure from the norm? Absolutely, but so is going to Amsterdam for four nights of music and civilized decadence! We had to figure a way to please the most people, including our hugely increasing European audience, which we feel DSO was greatly responsible for last year. Hope you like it!

There is expected to be a big demand for tickets this year. As such, there will only be one price for tickets. No early-bird, but also no price increase later. And the best news? We have only increased the ticket by $25 from this past year’s late price, but are offering a whole extra night of music and two more artists. Tickets will be $250 (185 euro) for the four nights, and $34 (25 euro) for the DSO pre-party on the 15th. A limited amount of one-night tickets will be available in Europe for 50 euro. On sale will commence July 20th.

A lot of work was done to get this completed as early as possible, so the saving, planning, and passport obtaining can start WAY in advance. Be aware that since passports are now required for Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean, wait times are up to 10 weeks, without paying an expedited fee. As always, Madison House Travel will be available to lend help to anyone needing it.

We are completely stoked about this format and lineup. It’s a great mix of JitD veterans and virgins, and will offer more music than ever…to pass along to a friend click here:


See you in March!

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  1. What say you now about this comment?

    [i]”And like all fan-voting endeavors, I imagine this idea that’s paved with good intentions will end up in calamitous ruin:[/i]

    Quite the opposite, methinks….

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