10KLF Gets a Little Less Red

In an apparent repeat of the early 2000s no-Phish improvisational rock scene, String Cheese Incident will attempt to fill the wank vacancy left by Trey Anastasio.


Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Festival today confirmed what many people had been expecting for awhile, that Big Red will not be able to play this year’s July event after all. What we hadn’t expected is that the how-can-we-miss-you-if-you-don’t-go-away String Cheese Incident will take the former 70 Volt Parade lead singer’s place atop the bill. As for Trey, I like this simple euphemism du jour:

10KLF announces today that guitarist Trey Anastasio will be unable to perform at the event in 2007 due to circumstances beyond control. Anastasio’s spokesperson confirms “Trey is disappointed he is unable to play the festival this year but is looking forward to returning for the 2008 10,000 Lakes Festival.”

We here at Hidden Track are Trey Loyalists through and through, but after his lackluster  Langerado set, I have no problem seeing him put the outdoor headlining acts on hold for the time being while he sorts his shit out, which will also allow the other bands on this pretty festival solid lineup to, dare I say, shiiiiiine on.

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  1. Damn, that’s funny as hell. I literally read that as “while he ties himself off and swerves on the HIV lane his shit out.” I don’t swear to god.

  2. He’s gonna be fine, and he will rock once he’s all done with this thing. People are such shits! The guy is a fucking human being. Let him be!

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