Video: Phish – Undermind

Back on Monday night, Phish delivered arguably the best version of Undermind yet as part of a fantastic second set at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. The band has uploaded a pro-shot video from each 2011 show to Vimeo within a few days of the performance ending and for night one of the UIC run, Phish has selected Undermind to share with their fans. Take a look…

Phish – Undermind

Read our recap for much more on this wonderful show.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Phish – Undermind

  1. Anthony B Reply

    Thanks for posting this!! You do have one small editing issue. You put the word “arguably” in the description of the best version. Little whiteout will do the trick. The jam leading into from Waves is just phenomenal. Thanks again!

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Ha! The F8 and SBIX soundcheck versions are in the argument

  3. Anthony B Reply

    Fair enough, fair enough. ::Seinfeld voice::

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