Terrapin Crossroads Update: Local Protests

“We didn’t want to start off this way,” Jill Lesh said. “There are lots of other places we could go. We just really like Fairfax. We thought we could really do some things that would benefit the town.”

Despite some in the Fairfax community’s misgivings, many residents aren’t happy with the creepy signs and flyering campaign.

David Smadbeck, co-president of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, said Fairfax residents who live near where the Good Earth Organic & Natural Foods is moving, at 720 Center Blvd., voiced similar skepticism about the grocery store initially.

“We want communities that are immediately impacted to have a say,” Smadbeck said, “but not to hijack the proceedings.” [via MIJ]

All of the recent protests come after the Marin Independent Journal’s editorial board penned a piece in support of Lesh’s plans, so it isn’t as if the whole community is against the planned “music barn.” Be sure to read today’s article in the MIJ for the full scoop. We’ll keep you posted on any further updates about Terrapin Crossroads.

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  1. this is bs he wants to make a place to make music. Come to Essex couty in upstate ny or clinton or fanklin in the small adirondac towns. We would love to have you. Although essex ny already banned phish but franklin would love to have you!!

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