The 1948 Italian neo-realist film in this edition of Hidden Flick is neither comforting, nor life-affirming. But what it is is a fairly fantastic synopsis of all that is happening beneath the surface (symbolically salt speaking, of course—this is no early version of Jacques Cousteau’s luminously liquid languishing) probing the efforts of humans on the land, while pursuing their dreams and endeavors. Sucking in the air that fills their deflating lungs is the purest sea noise of all, and wouldn’t you want to know all of its secrets?


We seek another earth, another space to explore, we wander amidst the gloom, and ponder it all, and face the reality that some one, some thing, controls our fate. This film seems to point one in that direction. But with its beautiful imagery and silent passages of resolve and contemplation, one can see quite a lot more—it is in there, all right. Kid, eh?

Randy Ray

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