Monday’s Hors D’Oeuvres & Weekend Setlists


05-26-2007 La Maroquinerie Paris, France [via dimeadozen]

Set 1: Tij, SZ2 (Part 2), Tras, Tonto, Fantasy, Atlas, Leyendecker, Race : In, Hi / Lo
Encore: Bad Trails

Beastie Boys

05-25-2007 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle WA

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Bright Eyes

05-25-2007 Town Hall, NYC NY [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Set 1: Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed), Hot Knives, Middleman, Make a Plan to Love Me, Four, Winds, No One Would Riot, Waiting For My Man (w/ Lou Reed), Dirty Blvd. (w/ Lou Reed), First Day of My Life, The Calendar Hung Itself…, Soul Singer in a Session Band, Cleanse Song, Lime Tree, Symmetry
Encore: Gold Mine Gutter, Miss Ohio, Lua

Disco Biscuits

05-25-2007 Highline Ballroom, New York NY [via PT]

Set 1: Unknown1, Crystal Ball, Lunar Pursuit, M.E.M.P.H.I.S.> I Remember WhenSet 2: Mr. Don> Little Betty Boop2> Shem-Rah Boo, Spaga3
Encore: The Very Moon> Mr. Don

1 1st time played (Air)
2 inverted
3 preceded by ‘Karma Police’ (Radiohead) tease

05-26-2007 Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA [via PT]

Set 1: Sweating Bullets, Save The Robots, Munchkin Invasion1

1 stopped due to rain

05-27-2007 Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA [via PT]

Set 1: Munchkin Invasion> Cyclone> Mindless Dribble> Confrontation1

Set 2: Confrontation1> Hot Air Balloon> November Rain2, And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night> Spacebirdmatingcall> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night, Pygmy Twylyte> Hot Air Balloon

1 dyslexic
2 ending only


05-26-2007 House Concert, Moorestown NJ [via]

Set 1: Waiting For The Sun To Rise, I Thought I Drank The Drink But The Drink Drank Me, When You Rest, To Be Announced, Follow Jean Through The Sea, Jumping Again, I Won’t Go To Miami, City Loft Home, Hang Down Your Head, Definition Of Love, You Can’t Hide, Village Green, Cat, Now!, Kill Me Now, Please Hold On, Taking Turns, We’ll Be Doing Time, Look At Her (She’s Walking Away), E: Let Me Hold You, One Hit Wonder

Gov’t Mule

05-25-2007 Heritage Park Ampitheatre, Simpsonville, SC [via]

Set 1: Hammer & Nails, Banks Of The Deep End, Thorazine Shuffle, I’ll Be The One, Bad Little Doggie, Mr. High & Mighty, Brand New Angel, Streamline Woman, Slackjaw Jezebel

Set 2: A Million Miles From Yesterday, Time To Confess, I Believe To My Soul, Sco-Mule, Drums > Matt’n’Danny Jam, Brighter Days, Many Rivers To Cross *, Mule, Soulshine,
Encore: That’s What Love Will Make You Do *

* – with Robert Randolph.

05-26-2007 Washington & Lee University, Lexington VA [via]

Set 1: 32/20 Blues, Rocking Horse, Slow Happy Boys, She Said She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows, Lay Your Burden Down, About To Rage, Unring The Bell, Blind Man In The Dark

Set 2: Soulshine, The Shape I’m In > Low Spark Of High Helled Boys, What Is Hip?, Drums > Child Of The Earth, A Million Miles From Yesterday, Bad Little Doggie, Brand New Angel,
Encore: Don’t Step On The Grass Sam

Kings of Leon

05-25-2007 The Pageant, St. Louis MO [via Tell You What]

Set 1: Black Thumbnail, Taper Jean Girl, King of the Rodeo, True Love Way, My Party, Soft, Fans, Arizona, Molly’s Chambers, The Bucket, Milk, Four Kicks, On Call, California Waiting, Spiral Staircase, Trani
Encore: Knocked Up, Charmer, McFearless, Slow Night, So Long

Les Claypool

05-26-2007 Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe IL [via]

Set 1: Roof, One Better, Long In The Tooth, One Step Beyond, Precipitation, Highball Into Lust Stings, Dee’s Diner


05-25-2007 Summer Camp, Chillicothe IL [via PT]

Set I: Rebubula> Not Coming Down> Wormwood> St. Augustine*> Westerly**> The Pit, Shoot First, Skrunk, Seat of My Pants> St. Augustine> Seat of My Pants> Rebubula

Encore: Spine of a Dog

*w/Nate Wilson on keys
**Assembly of Dust Band Switch/Segue (Strange Folk cover)

05-26-2007 Summer Camp, Chillicothe IL [via PT]

Set 1: Akimbo, Bearsong, Crab Eyes, Big World, Runaway Overlood(new Rob tune) Road>Kyle’s

Set 2: McBain+>George+>McBain+(NH)Lazarus, Bullet>Brent Black#
Encore: Wind It Up

+violin player from Cornmeal
#Running with the Devil teases

Robyn Hitchcock and Heavy Friends
Games For May – Syd Barrett Tribute

05-26-2007 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London UK [via dimeadozen]

Set 1: Mathilda Mother, Flaming, The Scarecrow, Jugband Blues, See Emily Play, Bike, Arnold Layne, Candy And A Currant Bun, Pow R Toc H, Interstellar Overdrive, Terrapin, Love You, Late Night, Long Gone, If It’s In You, (Wouldn’t You Miss Me) Dark Globe, Dominoes, Wined and Dined, Reaction in G, Astronomy Domine, Lucifer Sam, See Emily Play

Roger Hodgson

05-25-2007 Fallsview Casino, Avalon Ballroom; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada [via dimeadozen]

Set 1: Take The Long Way Home, Give A Little Bit, Lovers In The Wind, Hide In Your Shell, Oh Brother, Easy Does It, Sister Moonshine, Rosie Had Everything Planned, Logical Song, Along Came Mary, Breakfast In America, Lord Is It Mine, Even In The Quietest Moments, Don’t Leave Me Now, Dreamer, It’s Raining Again, School, Give A Little Bit (Clap Along)

Smashing Pumpkins

05-26-2007 AB (grote zaal), Brussels Belgium [via dimeadozen]

Set 1: (Intro) > United States, Today, Stand Inside Your Love, That’s The Way, Bleeding the Orchid, 7 Shades of Black, Home, Hummer, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, God & Country, Thirty-three, Rocket, Winterlong, To Sheila, Glass & the Ghost, Tonight, Tarantula, Starz, Zero, Neverlost, Doomsday Clock, Lucky 13, 1979, Disarm, Cherub Rock, Untitled
Encore: Shame, Silverfuck > The End [The Doors] (Encore Break #2), Muzzle, Gossamer

Steely Dan

05-25-2007 Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA [via dandom bluebook]

Set 1: Instrumental, Time Out of Mind, Godwhacker, Bad Sneakers, Two Against Nature, Hey 19, Haitian Divorce (WB vocal), Peg, Babylon Sisters, I got the News, Dirty Work, Josie (band intros), Aja, FM, Kid Charlemagne
Encore: Pretzel Logic, Bodhisattva, Instrumental

The English Beat

5-25-2007 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA [via dimeadozen]

Set 1: Whine & Grine > Stand Down Margaret, Ackee 1 2 3, Hands Off…She’s Mine, Best Friend, Doors Of Your Heart, Tears Of A Clown, Twist And Crawl, Can’t Get Used To Losing You, Rough Rider, Sole Salvation [acapella snippet], Two Swords, I’ll Take You There, Never You Done That, I Confess, Tenderness, Ranking Full Stop > Mirror In The Bathroom, Click Click, Save It For Later, End Of The Party, Jackpot

The Wailers

05-25-2007 Summer Camp, Chilcotthe IL

Set 1: Buffalo country, You Are All You Need, Natural Mystic, Keep On Moving, Stir It Up, Lively Up Yourself, Wait In Vain, Is This Love?, One Love, Three Little Birds

The Who

05-25-2007 Newcastle UK [via]

Set 1: I Can’t Explain, The Seeker, Relay, Who Are You, Behind Blue Eyes, Fragments, Real Good Looking Boy, Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door, Baba O’Riley, Eminence Front, A Man In A Purple Dress, The Real Me, You Better You Bet, My Generation, Cry If You Want, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard, Amazing Journey, Sparks, See Me Feel Me, Tea And Theatre

Umphrey’s McGee

05-25-2007 Summer Camp, Chillicothe IL [via The Bort]

Set 1: Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Ocean Billy* > Eat > “Jimmy Stewart”** > Hajimemashite > Eat, The Bottom Half > “Jimmy Stewart” > The Bottom Half, Pay the Snucka

Set 2: JaJunk > Walletsworth, All Things Ninja$, Alex’s House > Plunger, Words, No Ordinary Love^ > JaJunk

* with Hajimemashite tease
** with Bright Lights tease
$ with When the Levee Breaks teases and Stranglehold jam
^ with Jen Hartswick on vocals
last No Ordinary Love 08.07.04

05-26-2007 Summer Camp, Chillicothe IL [via The Bort]

Set 1: Black Sabbath > All in Time, Great American > Ringo^ > Great American > 2X2 > Bridgeless#, Much Obliged > Ringo%, Nemo

^ w/ Pipeline tease
# second verse, finishes last nites “tag team” version
% w/ Jim Laughlin on percussion


05-25-2007 Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA

Set 1: Baby Baby, Tangled Hangers, Ermaline, Watching The River Flow, Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Set 2: Use Me, Listen Here > jam > Crazy Fingers > jam, .Golden Road, Friday’s Child,
Encore: Chance In A Million

05-26-2007 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma CA

Set 1: Cole’s Law, Gregg’s Eggs, Horses, Pits Of Thunder, Theme From Nancy Germany, Franklin’s Tower

Set 2: Severe Tire Damage, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Bridges, Catalina, Merle’s Boogie, Highway 61 Revisited,
Encore: Home On The Range

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