Stormy Mondays: MMW – 1997

Over the weekend, Medeski, Martin and Wood finished their month-long residency at The Whitney in New York during which they explored a number of facets of the MMW sound as well as side projects, including MSMW and Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee, as part of their 20th anniversary celebration.

Here at Stormy Monday we’ve already started to mark the occasion, and Friday’s great set with Cyro Baptista and DJ Logic seems like a good time for the second installment: a first set from 1997 that’s heavy on the improv. In fact, after Billy dedicates the show to Samurai Celestial from the Sun Ra Arkestra, the trio launches into twenty minutes of fantastic improvisation, moving through four distinct sections before landing in a great Basso Profondo, and melting back into another long stretch of improv. The set also includes an excellent Big Time and a Cape Verdean Blues closer.

Aside from the inspired performance, this matrix recording is exceptionally full and bright; Chris especially stands out, even on the upright. It’s a joy to hear. A little over an hour’s worth of perfect MMW for your listening pleasure, so as always, enjoy!

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