Wednesday Intermezzo: Loose Lips Sink Bands

A report in Monday’s New York Post cited Liv Tyler as the source of a rumor that her father Steven will be leaving Aerosmith due to the way the band’s been treating him. Possible options? Tyler can always start a new band with Jimi, Janis, Keith Moon and…oh, wait, he’s not dead yet? Shit, sorry. Regardless, it’s the wrong play for Tyler — if he leaves the band, Aerosmith can just throw former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan or Carly Simon on stage and go from there.

Let’s go from here with a look at some interesting mid-week links:

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  1. Thanks for those pictures of Panic….’s mics. And instruments. (Actually, that is a cool link. I wish I cared about Ampeg R2D2s and Neumann C3POs and all that because I’d probably have enjoyed the read that much more. Oh well. At least there’s a shot of Schools in there where his torso takes up 7/8 of the frame. That man’s girth is truly astounding. Hey Dave…you know that Jenny Craig makes a meat loaf that’s just as tasty as the real thing, right?)

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