Grousing the Aisles, Vol. III

Peter Gabriel – 07/21/87 SBD


So what if Petey Gabes isn’t going on the road with Genesis just yet, his solo band is amazing. The proof is in this crispy soundboard from 1987 when he was on top of the world following the release of the commercially viable So.

Petey plays all the hits at this show, including an eight-minute romp through the always fantastic Shock The Monkey.

Black Crowes – 10/31/06 AUD


The Black Crowes have begun a tradition at their Halloween shows of playing a mini-set with the band covering another artist. Last year they became BC/DC, and this year they were The Bitch Boys in honor of Brian Wilson and company. While the mini-set features more uncomfortable moments than a dinner with Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson, the two Crowes sets are unbelievable. I would have thought the loss of two key members would have rendered this band impotent, but I was clearly wrong.

Pearl Jam – 03/04/92 SBD


After seeing the recent Sundance special Iconoclasts, which featured Eddie Vedder and Laird Hamilton giving each other the “You’re the man, no, you’re the man” treatment, I wanted to rock out to some Pearl Jam. You can always count on etree to deliver, and this show features the band ripping through the material from Ten. This one scores high on the killer-to-filler ratio scale.

Trey Anastasio – 11/04/06 AUD


Big Red finished his tour at a sacred venue, Barton Hall in Ithaca. I don’t know if it was the bevy of school girls or what, but the man came through with a stellar show to end a stellar tour. No, they didn’t play ScarletFire (or for that matter the “Move Back” speech), but they did take a stab at Voodoo Chile and Barracuda. Hendrix > Heart, gotta love that.

Aquarium Rescue Unit (w/ Dave Grippo) – 03/31/92 SBD


I’ve been hearing many great reports from the recent one-off ARU show in Atlanta. It’s nice to see the originators of the scene getting the respect they deserve. Respect is earned, and this show from Burlington will give you a glimpse into what makes ARU so sick. As we saw with last week’s Tenacious D video, it can’t be a Burlington show without a Phish related sit-in, and Dave “The Truth” Grippo makes a stellar appearance.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood: 10/31/06 AUD


Neddy’s review was just so fucking good I had to check this show out myself, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Check it.

Branford and X-Men: 12/31/90 SBD

It’s not often the Dead allowed for opening bands towards the end of their run, but they made an exception on New Years. In 1989, it was the final gig of seminal bluegrass band The New Grass Revival, and in 1990 it was a supergroup featuring Branford Marsalis, Jeff Watts, Robert Hearst, and Kevin Eubanks. The first link above is for downloading the show, while the second is for streaming. And remember, the left lane is for passing and the right lane is for traveling…

And while we are all about getting you good music free, we respect the artists and love when they make soundboards available. Support the artists and buy these amazing releases, which are hot off the presses.

The Disco Biscuits: 11/03/06 Northampton, MA
Phish: Colorado ‘88
Umphrey’s McGee: 11/02/06 Madison, WI
Widespread Panic: 10/30/06 Las Vegas, NV

Now it’s your turn…what shows have you downloaded recently?

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  1. Scotty I was going to email you this one but forgot. This is the first torrent I’ve seen from Bruce Hornsby’s current solo piano tour, from Richmond, Virginia. As if it were not evident already, this show (and others on the tour I’d imagine) really display just how good of a piano player he is. There are some fantastic pieces of music throughout the show including an interesting Standing on the Moon > Mandolin Rain. And for anyone interested in seeing him, tickets to most shows include a copy of his new cd/dvd box set, Intersections. Thanks Bruce!

  2. I know it is a weeknight, but if you feel like revisiting your Monmouth County roots, I’ll be going to the Thursday night show at the Count Basie next week.

    Ever see a show there?

  3. I sadly have never seen a show there. It’s tough to get down for a Thursday night show and i’m headed to Boston the next day so its not gonna happen for me. But I await your review!

  4. I don’t await shit, Hal.

    Actually, I’d love to see Bruce right now, as it’s been far too long since the tall one and I have been in the same room. Bruce is truly the fucking man. Not that they’re even his rotation at all these days, but what I wouldn’t give to hear a live Man Smart, Woman Smarter or a Standing on the Moon right now.

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