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Ozomatli just took the stage at the third-annual Mountain Jam, and six more bands are ready to play behind them. Later today it’ll be Earl Greyhound, Umphrey’s McGee, New Monson, G. Love, Tea Leaf Green and a second night of Gov’t Mule. Of course, you can watch all this transpire live on the official, crystal-clear webcast over on the Mountain Jam site. Dyn-o-mite.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Jam Blog

Day One seemed like a smashing success, by all accounts, with Gov’t Mule following great sets from RAQ, the New Orleans Social Club and several other bands. The Mule setlist looked something like this — and stay tuned to the Mountain Jam Blog for more details on the festival’s performances:

Set 1
Creep, 32/20 Blues, A Million Miles From Yesterday, Thorazine Shuffle, Jam (?), Rocking Horse, Banks of the Deep End, Unring the Bell> Shakedown Street tease > Blind Man in the Dark

Set 2
If Loving You Is Wrong, I’m a Ram > Love Me DO > I’m a Ram, Brighter Days, Like Flies > Drums, No Quarter > Bad Little Doggie > Brand New Angel

Well, this was quick: You can already click here to download RAQ’s daytime set from the first day of the festival. But, and this is just a suggestion, how ’bout we just sit down and watch it together right here…the video of RAQ starts about six minutes in, and to say that start out hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire would be a dramatic understatement. Damn, that’s badder than hot.


There’s also a full day of music tomorrow, including the requisite Michael Franti appearance and the headlining Phil & Friends set (with Warren Haynes AND John Scofield). As for today, I’d pay particular attention to the Umphrey’s and Tea Leaf Green sets — Scotty and the boys saw them down in Philly last night and both bands allegedly ripped the city a new arse.

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  1. Saturday’s Mule setlist:

    Set 1:
    Play With Fire*>
    Game Face>
    Mountain Jam>
    Game Face>
    Wild Horses>
    That’s What Love Will Make You Do%
    Streamline Woman>
    Mother Earth
    Mr. High & Mighty

    * with Michael Franti rap
    % with Jake Cinninger (Umphrey’s McGee)

    Set 2:
    Endless Parade>
    Man’s World#
    Larger Than Life
    Masters of War (intro)>
    Rockin’ in the Free [email protected]
    Time To Confess

    # with Ulises and Asdru (Ozomatli), horns
    @ with Josh Clark (Tea Leaf Green)

    Out of the Rain>
    I’ll Be The One

    Sunday’s webcast schedule:

    Sunday, June 3rd
    Main Stage: Second Stage:
    7:00 Phil Lesh & Friends
    Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes
    John Molo, John Scofield
    & Steve Molitz

    4:45-6:30 Michael Franti & Spearhead 3:45-4:45 North Mississippi All-Stars
    2:15-3:45 Robert Randolph & The Family Band 1:30-2:15 Backyard Tire Fire
    12:30-1:30 The Brakes 12:00-12:30 Bret Puchir & Chicken Bucket

  2. Hey guys, did anybody record Robert Randolph’s set, I tried grabbing it but my feed got choppy.

    I would appreciate it!

    [email protected]

    thanks in advance, i got out to tape Ozomatli today in Pittsburgh, rainy show but great night!

    RRFB is my fav band, but they didnt show on Friday 🙁

    Hoping somebody captured it!



  3. Sorry, Jon, it may be floating out there, but I didn’t see it yet. I wasn’t home for much of the day yesterday, though…if anyone sees it, post it up for this man.

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