Dual Discs – CD/DVD Combos Taking Off

Six months after the low-key launch of the CD/DVD hybrid known as DualDisc, major labels are planning a big show of faith in the fledgling format: Two of April’s highest-profile releases — BruceSpringsteen’s Devils and Dust and Rob Thomas’ solo debut, Something to Be — will be available only as DualDiscs. The format pairs a standard CD on one side of a disc with a DVD on the flip side that offers video content and, often, a surround-sound mix of the record.

DualDisc versions of the new Nine Inch Nails and Bon Jovi albums are in the works, and a flood of extras-packed reissues — from AC/DC’s Back in Black to David Bowie’s Reality — are already exploiting the format. “In the long term, we definitely see a transition from CD to DualDisc,” says Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business for Sony BMG. Sony, which owns Springsteen’s label, Columbia Records, formed a consortium last year with the other three major record companies to promote the newdiscs.

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