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Last year, former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Wall by mounting an extensive world tour, that was touted for its updated multi-media presentation of the iconic album. Last week, Waters revealed to Rolling Stone, whose latest issue features a cover story on the legendary psychedelic rock band, that he would be bringing the tour back to the United States next summer to play a number of markets that he missed the first time around, as well as the bigger news that he would also bringing The Wall outdoors for the first time, and that those show would be taking place baseball stadiums in select big cities.

Waters stated “we want to base the tour around Saturday nights in baseball stadiums. We’re going to be projecting over 140 yards. So now it’s going to be 1,500 pixels wide. We’ve done light tests and Fenway Park and Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium just to see what the ambient light is like. And it’s fine. It works. We’ve taken part of the Wall and the projectors into those three places.”

If you’re not into a night hearing Roger perform The Wall, then maybe you’ll be interested in hitting one of these recently announced tours…

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  1. I couldn’t be happier as I missed the first swing through. Even if it means a flight or some long travel, will be worth it from what I’ve heard.

  2. Anyone else unimpressed with the PF remaster sound this time around? I have spun Atom Heart Mother and Animals and they sound flat to me. Any thoughts? Was hoping for more “umph”… And yes I would include this remaster round as part of the Spaceballs 2 project at this point…

  3. I guess that comment was a little much, I really liked the Wall show I saw at the Garden, and it’s good that people who weren’t able to go will be able to see it. I think it’s a little funny that they’re going after “more markets” after they played so many dates on this tour. Sorry to hear about the remasters, was looking forward to them very much.

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