Trey To Release The Horseshoe Curve in July?

Former 70 Volt Parade lead singer Trey Anastasio currently has no gigs on the docket after cancelling his headlining spot at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in July. Whatever the reason, though, that 10KLF appearance would have been a perfect kick-off to Big Red’s Get Out on the Road and Support a New Album Tour.

Thanks to our friends Hadley and The Otrane for giving us the heads up that a new Trey album is allegedly due for release in late July. Both Allmusic and Barnes and Noble now have listings for The Horseshoe Curve on their websites.

Back in December, before Trey’s much-discussed arrest, Big Red spoke to Bob at the Humblog about this new no-lyrics, more-horns release:

I already have another record that will come out after this one, an instrumental record, no singing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a 10-piece band with horns where the horns are layered. It’s out there. You know if this was on a major label, I’d have to explain it. Now I don’t have to explain it to anybody except Patrick Jordan my one employee.

A search of Google turned up this potential track listing for The Horseshoe Curve:

1. Sidewalks Of San Francisco
2. Olivia
3. Burlap Sack and Pumps
4. The Horseshoe Curve
5. Noodle Rave
6. Tube Top Tony
7. Porters Pyramids (f/k/a Undermind Intro)
8. MLC Jam

As Trey Loyalists, we can only hope this will be Big Red’s return to glory.

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  1. Are you guys going to lead EVERY Trey story with “Former 70 Volt Parade lead singer Trey Anastasio?” 😉 Still makes me laugh though, I admit.

  2. Nothing like overkill! I think you answered your own question…that’s just never not funny. But, really, we’re just trying to make it seem like we’re not still talking about a band that broke up three years ago.

  3. word up. and you can keep milking the 70 volt shtick cuz they never even really broke up… big red just fired all their asses

  4. I have a friend who is technically a polygamist since he never broke up with his middle school sweetheart and now he’s married to another woman.

    The Devil’s in the details.

  5. Excellent defense guys. I appreciate your commitment to the artists and staying on the cutting edge, you don’t want to become a nostalgia act.

    So instead of it seeming like you’re talking about a band that broke up three years ago, we’re talking about a band that broke up 2 years ago? (the VOLTZ)…

  6. You could call him “Oysterhead guitarist” … Oysterhead hasn’t broken up [really] … It’s [for now] a Police cover band, with Sting & Andy Summers replacing Les & Trey.

  7. Ha, I had that exact thought last night, Randy…I was gonna break it out for the next time, but now it looks like your idea and I might have to kill you.

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