Video: Pearl Jam – Mother (Pink Floyd)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon finished Pink Floyd Week on Friday by welcoming Pearl Jam for their version of Mother. When Eddie Vedder covers other artists, he generally doesn’t try to imitate their tone or phrasing as much as the PJ lead singer tries to add his own spin. For Mother, Vedder does seem to go for the Roger Waters vibe by singing in the same octave and style as Rog through the first few verses. Yet, as the tune went along, Eddie put his signature on The Wall classic. Instrumentally, Vedder is backed by just Stone Gossard on acoustic guitar Boom Gaspar on keys at first before the whole band comes in for a majestic climax featuring Mike McCready tearing through the guitar solo David Gilmour made famous. Take a look…

Pearl Jam – Mother

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  1. twas lame. and I’m a PJ fan.

    EdVed obviously doesn’t know the lyrics, constantly looking down at a monitor.

    The Shins were good
    Waters and the Foos kicked ass.

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