Friday Mix Tape: Wetlands – Sept. ’95

Earlier this week HT featured columnist Brian Bavosa wrote about the decline of the jamband scene and mentioned how for him, NYC’s Wetlands Preserve was a much needed incubator for the scene. I went back and looked at some Wetlands schedules to see whether the lineups they put together were as special as I remembered them. They were and I was particularly taken by the September ’95 schedule (below). For this week’s Mix Tape I’ve shared a track a piece from six excellent bands that performed at the Wetlands during September 1995.

Wetlands faves moe. start us off with a live take on Rebubula from July 19, 2009 and then Sea and Cake give us Coconut. Next, Ben Harper and Innocent Criminals offer Steal My Kisses before we take things down a bit with How Could You Want Him When You Know You Could Have Me? by the Spin Doctors. Finally, Charlie Hunter and Will Bernard’s T.J. Kirk project cover James Brown’s Soul Power and underrated jam act Schleigho closes us out with Continent.

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  1. If you lived in the northeast like the adirondacks, vt or any part of new england for that matter the scene was alive an well. The bands and shows were not huge but if you wanted to go see good live music any day of the week you could. I guess we upstaters are always behind the fine people of NYC. Sorry the wetlands changed you mind on good fun music. I loved the wetlands there was no other place like it.

  2. jamband scene appears sedated.

    so many artists were so eager to dodge the tag for so long, that I guess, unfortunately, many got their wish.

    you’re in luck brah. Now you’re Indee/hipster.

    good luck in that ever accumulating, heaping pile of Pitchfork self-loathing and monotone’d teen-angst outcry.

    bring back the jams!


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