New Aron Magner Interview Hints at Unclear Future For the Disco Biscuits

Considering all the time Magner and bassist Marc Brownstein spend on the road with Conspirator, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out who the disconnect is between. When asked whether the rumors that guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig doesn’t want to tour are true, Magner responds…

You know, man, that’s gonna be a question that you should ask him directly. And let me know what that answer is.

If it wasn’t for the Disco Biscuits’ spot on the inaugural Identity Fest, the band would finish 2011 with less than 25 shows under their belts. It’s tough to gain any momentum, both musically and commercially, when a group that focuses on improvisation only plays a few short runs of shows in a year. Magner and Brownstein (who recently told his Facebook followers he wished the band played a ‘real fucking tour’) seem to be losing patience with the current setup and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the situation come to a head sooner rather than later.

At the end of this year, tDB will return to the stage for three shows at the Best Buy in NYC and two performances at The Aud in Chicago. From there, the band will once again team up with STS9 and Umphrey’s for Mayan Holidaze in January. What the future holds for the jamtronica pioneers after Holidaze is anyone’s guess and considering the lack of communication Magner’s quotes display, your guess as to what 2012 will bring is as good as his.

Disco Biscuits Performances Per Year 1997 – 2011

2011 = 36 played + 5 Planned
2010 = 72
2009 = 106
2008 = 57
2007 = 81
2006 = 87
2005 = 21
2004 = 31
2003 = 76
2002 = 103
2001 = 101
2000 = 54
1999 = 144
1998 = 162
1997 = 129

[via PT Bisco]

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4 Responses

  1. so what’s Barber’s holdout? future plans if not w/ tDB? any speculation on that front?

    I do agree w/ Scotty B. though that w/ any band based around improv jams, the more consecutive gigs equals better evenflow, finding grooves and on-stage cohesion.

    Behind The Music: “…Meanwhile, behind the laser-beams and disco dreams, some had a sour taste from the glowstick pacifiers…”

  2. who cares anymore, even when they are clicking it seems like “disaster” always takes them off the road. Broken hand here, band member quits there, band member falls thru a air duct. I love these guys, and always will but im ok with them taking a break

  3. The stories seem to indicate that Barber just isn’t interested in the touring life right now. Whether that holds as 2-3 night runs and occasional festivals remains to be seen…

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