Bloggy Goodness: New York To Get Pitchfork’d

For the last seven years, influential music website Pitchfork has curated an eclectic multi-day music festival in their hometown of Chicago, IL, while later this month they will present their first festival overseas in Paris. Yesterday, the New York Times Arts Beat blog broke the news that P4K would be expanding its empire to the Big Apple, where they already have offices, this winter by teaming up with the folks at Bowery Presents for a new multi-day fest that they are dubbing Forms. Scheduled to take place from February 1-4 at Bowery booked venues around the city, Forms will “celebrate and explore the interconnected and growing worlds of independent music, art, and gaming”. Ticketing information, which will include both four-day passes and individual show tickets, as well as the full lineup, which will include somewhere between 50 to 75 acts, will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Finally, all throughout 2011 avant-jazz-groove act Medeski, Martin & Wood have been celebrating their 20th anniversary with a variety of special releases and shows. On October 25, the trio will continue this trend when they release their first-ever full-length documentary entitled Fly In A Bottle. The hour and a half long doc, directed by Billy Martin and shot on 16 mm film and an HD camcorder, examines the year-long period, both on the road and in the studio, when then band was working on their unique Radiolarians series, which saw them work out new material in a live setting and then go back and record and release the results.

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