Friday’s Leftovers: Dead Go Live

After what seemed like 10 years of e-construction, the Grateful Dead’s new website finally went live to announce the presale of Three From The Vault. Some of the great new features on the site include a message board, interviews with members of the Grateful Dead family, and killer Comix by Tim Truman. But my favorite part of the new site is the archive section, where you can search through all sorts of artwork, memorabilia and photographs.

The new site is a work in progress, but so far it seems pretty freakin’ cool. Hopefully they won’t start charging for any of the services they offer, especially the oft-pimped-on-HT Taper’s Section. Sign up now to get a heady low user number. [via Hits From The Blog] Elsewhere from the interwebs:

Are you seeing any live music this weekend? Anything else? Leave a message below, and let us know what we are missing…

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0 thoughts on “Friday’s Leftovers: Dead Go Live

  1. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Live Nation should just burn Tinley Park to the ground. Pave non-paradise, put up a parking lot. First time I’ve ever been in favor of the complete demolition of a music venue.

  2. Some Dude Reply

    Great article on the Bowery Presents crew. Should be interesting to see how many of these new venues actually last, though the less shows I have to see at Roseland or Hammerstein the better.

  3. Zooomabooma Reply

    Finally’s up and running. Holy cow, it’s been pimped a lot in the past week but still wasn’t fully up. And holy mackeral, interesting stuff it now has!

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