WFMU and Matador Tweet Back & Forth Over Direct Licensing

Last week an interesting back-and-forth of tweets took place between the venerable indie record label Matador Records (@matadorrecords) and the independent radio station WFMU (@WFMU). The discussion between the New York City based label and the Jersey City based station revolved around SoundExchange, SiriusXM and artist royalties. I’ll let the tweets speak for themselves, as this exchange of ideas regarding SiriusXM’s plans for direct licensing showed how two music industry entities view a currently hot topic on the future of the business. (For a bit more background on the topic, follow the link in the first tweet).

[blackbirdpie url=”!/WFMU/status/130029284864688128″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/matadorrecords/status/130029808632594432″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/WFMU/status/130035572738760704″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/matadorrecords/status/130041024578990081″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/WFMU/status/130052726397743105″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/matadorrecords/status/130274674352455680″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/matadorrecords/status/130313888188203008″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/WFMU/status/130323207013146624″]

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6 Responses

  1. Uh… thanks for letting the ‘Tweets speak for themselves,’ but I have no idea what the F* is being debated here….

    Even after reading the article I’m still in the dark. Also, why do I care about this?

  2. Rob,

    If we continue to cut the money 99% of artists receive from royalties so that Sirius/XM’s shareholders can make even more money, it’s gonna be even harder for those non big name artists and indie labels to stay in business. As listeners/consumers we’ll get less new music that’s worthwhile.

  3. “…so that Sirius/XM’s shareholders can make even more money” not sure that is the right statement, maybe “so hopefully Sirius/XM’s shareholders can try make even money” is probably better. Their stock is abysmal and has been for sometime.

  4. Also, it doesn’t make any sense to me why WFMU disagrees with matador, hence my previous comment. Looking for editorial guidance on this, rather than blindly following the ‘Artists need more money’ arguement.

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