Friday Mix Tape: November 9

For this week’s Friday Mix Tape, I have decided to pull out some of my favorite fall-time tunes, with a theme of good ol’ Americana, the number 9 and gambling. The title of the mix, November 9, refers to the finalists of the World Series of Poker that just occurred out in Vegas.

We start off with a tune by Lady Gaga – Poker Face. Yes, I said it, Lady Gaga. If there’ sone woman who knows about having a persona that throws off the opponent, it’s her. Then I invite in Little Betsy from the Band’s Up On Cripple Creek, as she bets on some horses and then rips up the ticket, “just for a laugh.” Anyone who’s ever taken a bad beat can relate to the Grateful Dead’s Loser, which seems to resonate deeper than almost any tune about gambling I have ever heard.

A cover by Johnny Cash of The Gambler and Frank Sinatra’s Luck Be A Lady need no introduction, while House of the Rising Sun teaches us that gambling can be fun, but also an albratross hanging around your neck if you become addicted. Blackjack by Ray Charles is another tune about how he always gives his money away at the game, while Beck’s Loser is a bit less gambling focused but fun nonetheless. To round things out, we have another cover of Phish’s Revolution #9 from Halloween ’94 to give us our final player at the table.

So, while these tunes might not win you any money, please remember the lessons they preach, as they could be helpful.

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