Bloggy Goodness: Google Music Launches

While normally we reserve Tuesdays for posts related to technology, yesterday after months and months of rumors, and a Beta launch earlier this summer, Google finally unveiled its latest project, Google Music, to the masses. The cloud-based service, which allows for up to 20,000 songs or roughly 300 gigs of music to be stored in your personal library, now has additional features and services that are looking to compete with the likes of iTunes and Amazon for your attention.

In addition to aforementioned cloud storage, which allows users to seamlessly listen to their music from a computer, tablet and/or Android phone without syncing, Google has also launched its own music store, that will feature 13 million songs from all four of the major labels, as well as exclusive tracks and free tracks (which at launch features a live show from Pearl Jam recorded on 9/11/11 and a vintage Dave Matthews Band gig from Irving Plaza from 3/26/94). Google Music will also offer independent artists the ability to upload their music to the storefront for a $25 fee, and create a “hub” page, with the ability to set their own pricing.

Finally, next Friday the holiday season gets its official kickoff as hordes of people head out at ungodly hours to take advantage of Black Friday deals. This year the folks behind Record Store Day are getting into the act with their very own version of the infamous day by enticing music fans to hit their local music shop for exclusive vinyl releases. Joining the list of artists putting out special releases, which includes Ryan Adams, Dr. Dog, The Black Keys and Warren Haynes, is Phish who will release both The White Tape and Party Time on 180-gram vinyl, which were both originally only available exclusively this past summer at Super Ball IX.

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