Buckethead Teams With System Of A Down’s Sefj Tankian

Enigmatic guitarist Buckethead has inked with System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian’s Serjical Strike label for the Oct. 25 release of his next album, “Enter the Chicken.” The 11-track set features guest spots by Tankian on the tracks “Waiting Here” and “We Are One.”

Also making appearances on “Enter the Chicken” are former Denali vocalist Maura Davis, spoken word artist Saul Williams, Death By Stereo’s Efrem Schulz and Bad Acid Trip. The album closes with a seven-minute instrumental, “Nottingham Lace.”

Buckethead, who never appears in public without a KFC bucket on his head and a mask on his face, has been releasing eclectic solo albums since 1992. Until his March 2004 departure, he was also doubling as the guitarist in Guns N’ Roses and had played on the group’s long-festering album, “Chinese Democracy.”

The artist is planning to tour in support of “Enter the Chicken,” but dates have yet to be announced.

Here is the track list for “Enter the Chicken”:


“We Are One” with Serj Tankian

“Botnus” with Efrem Schulz

“Three Fingers” with Saul Williams

“Running From the Light” with Gigi and Maura Davis

“Coma” with Azam Ali

“Waiting Hare” with Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian

Interlude by Donald Conviser

“Funbus” with Bad Acid Trip

“The Hand” with Maximum Bob and Ani Maldjian

“Nottingham Lace”

Source billboard.com.

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