B List: 10 Songs Trey & Symphony Should Play

HT fave Trey Anastasio begins his first-ever orchestral tour tonight in Atlanta. Back in December we presented a list of 10 songs HT EiC Scott Bernstein is hoping the Phish front man would perform with the symphonies, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to re-publish his list. Check out Phish.net’s brief history of Trey’s orchestral work for more.

Earlier this week Phish front man Trey Anastasio announced his first-ever orchestral tour, a four-show swing that is set to kick off on February 9 at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. Big Red isn’t a stranger to performing with symphonies and his two most recent orchestral gigs from 2009, May 21 with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and September 12 with the New York Philharmonic, have shown Trey’s willingness to dig deep into his solo and Phish repertoires for such events.

For this week’s B List I’ve prepared a list of ten songs I’d like to see Trey at one or many of the 2012 Winter Symphony Tour performances. Here’s what I came up with…

10. Dirt

Phish – Dirt

Considering how good of a job Anastasio and the symphonies did with If I Could at the 2009 gigs, a ballad is a fine fit for the orchestral setting. Dirt has plenty of room for the orchestras to work their magic behind Trey’s gentle vocals.

9. Limb By Limb

Phish – Limb By Limb

I’d like to see Trey and any of these orchestras tackle one of the many Phish songs written in 6/8 and I can just imagine what a symphony’s percussion and woodwinds section could do with this Anastasio/Herman/Marshall original.

8. It’s Ice

Phish – It’s Ice

The structure of It’s Ice makes it a perfect candidate for the symphony tour and I think for this one, I’d rather hear the strings or woodwinds interpret the lyrics rather than have Trey sing along. Hopefully the ensemble find a creative way to take advantage of the “jam.” The last time Trey toyed with the arrangement for It’s Ice, the 70VP “metal” version, he did so with rather impressive results.

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16 Responses

  1. While I must say that HiddenTrack is the best music blahg on these here interwebs, this particular list is a travesty. I would have ONLY accepted this list as the option.

    10. Harry Hood
    9. Harry Hood
    8. Harry Hood
    7. Harry Hood
    6. Harry Hood
    5. Harry Hood
    4. Harry Hood
    3. Harry Hood
    2. Harry Hood
    1. Harry Hood

    Difference between my list and your list:

    Your list: No Harry Hood
    My list: All Harry Hood

  2. @Miner – Thank you!

    @The Sturge – For me it was between Slave and Hood (didn’t want to be greedy) and I think Slave would benefit more from the orchestra than Hood. I think so much of Hood’s beauty is based on the interplay between Trey, Mike and Fish; I just don’t know how you’d recreate that with an orchestra. Hope Trey shows me wrong!

  3. Great list…. Mines

    10 curtain with
    9 yem – please
    8 hood
    7 Esther – think it would be perfect
    6 car ini – just cause I think it’s impossible
    5 div sky
    4 goodbye head
    3 big ball jam – how cool would that be
    2 pebbles and marbles (it style)
    1 slave

  4. Stash, but not with a string section but rather a brass section. Strings other than Trey’s sounds odd to me for whatever the reason, so I wonder what Trey would sound like backed by the symphony horns.

  5. Great list everytime I thought of a song the next one was that song. Waves maybe. pepples and marbles they have done i think. slave would be nuts, hood would be nuts. Even though its not an original Peaches en Regalia would be nice and the inlaw Josie wales

  6. I would love to see an epic orchestral rendition of the Inlaw Josie Wales – but I agree with all the songs you chose. I think Slave would be an amazing song to play. I agree with you – its definitely one of the most or maybe the most emotionally charged song that Phish consistently plays.

  7. I’d love to hear Trey and the Orchestra bust out a bluegrass medley. Sort of a Boston Pops Sleigh Bells meets Big Red mashup.

    I can also seeing him resurrecting the one and done cover ‘Aeroplane Under the Sea’. Slo

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