Briefly: Details Emerge on New Trey Sessions

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As we first reported back in September, Phish front man Trey Anastasio enlisted producer Peter Katis to produce his next solo album. Details from recent recording sessions have emerged from a SPIN Magazine article published today. Anastasio has been commuting daily from his NYC home to Katis’s Bridgeport, Conn. compound to create what SPIN describes as “a mix between Anastasio’s eclectic, Afro-tinged rock and the kind of experimental indie pop produced by the Philistines Jr., Katis’ own recently reformed band.”

What’s particularly of interest from this new report is than in addition to using members of the current version of TAB, Big Red has enlisted members of the National and Mates of State to add the new sessions. Well Trey wanted to do something “totally out of left-field for him,” and from the sounds of things he’s accomplished that. No word on when we can expect to hear the fruits of this Katis/Anastasio collaboration. For more on Peter Katis, be sure to check out our Tracks of the Trade feature on the producer.


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9 thoughts on “Briefly: Details Emerge on New Trey Sessions

  1. Andrew Reply

    This should be very interesting. I wonder if hes trying to go for the indie rock feel and I think he will be good at it- especially with his pop-song-writing skills. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  2. You Idiot Reply

    So all you who said those NYC sessions were the new album were wrong, since Trey was rehearsing in NYC for the shows he recently played.

  3. Gary Reply

    Interesting, looking forward to hearing the results. Scott any idea when Trey releases the new album?

  4. Chris Reply

    You need to mix in a salad scotty. Nice calling a reader and “idiot” too. You idiot.

  5. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @Gary – No clue, since he’s still recording it’s probably undecided as of yet. Hopefully in the spring.

    @Chris – Just responding to the commenter’s name.

  6. larry Reply

    Thanks for the update! Just wanted to say the “You idiot” name is funny! I know you would not call your readers idiots Scott!! Thanks again for the great articles that come out on the regular!

  7. Kyle Reply

    Wow if you people could read Scott was just calling you idiot by his name. Made me laugh bc I thought the same and kove how Scott flipped the script on you idiot!

  8. Kyle Reply

    Oh and idiot way to make fun of someones appearance. Im sure you are a fucking super model.

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