Mike Finally Brings In The Dude in Albany

Almost 14 years to the day after the December 13, 1997 version of Mike’s Song where the members of Phish yelled about bringing in “The Dude” at the nearby Knickerbocker Arena, Steve “Dude of Life” Pollak took the stage with Mike Gordon’s other band last night for a Suzy Greenberg encore that brought the Phish bassist’s solo tour to a close at The Egg in Albany.

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon from March]

The quintet also offered plenty of covers throughout the two sets, attempting another Don’t Do It, a cover of Little Feat’s Skin It Back, their second take on Gillian Welch’s The Way It Goes and the first Won’t Get Fooled Again of the weekend. Sugar Shack was also performed last night, though unlike Friday’s version this one was a standalone version.

Here’s the setlist…

Set 1: Horizon LineOnly A DreamI’m DerangedThe Way It GoesJust a RoseVoicesRiver Niger,Don’t Do It > Horizon Line

Set 2: Funky BitchSugar ShackHand in My PocketDig Further DownCrumblin’ BonesSkin It BackHap-NappyWon’t Get Fooled Again

Encore: Suzy Greenberg[1]

[1] Mike Gordon debut, with Steve Pollak on vocals.

Notes: “Suzy Greenberg” was a Mike Gordon debut and featured Steve Pollak (The Dude of Life) on vocals.

[via Phish.net and Mike-Gordon.com]

Next up for Gordon is four Phish shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City to end the year. He’ll take his solo band abroad in March for Jam In The Dam 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Finally Brings In The Dude in Albany

  1. Papa Phunk Reply

    Skin it Back, please please please at MSG ! ! !

  2. Dreiman Reply

    Sugar Shack rocks! though unlike Friday’s version this one was a standalone version.

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