Bloggy Goodness: Black Keys Say No To Streaming

For those of you that were hoping to stream The Black Keys new album El Camino via sites such as Spotify, MOG, Rdio and the like, may have been taken by surprise when the blues-rock act’s record was nowhere to found. Well, it turns out that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney had a very legit reason for not allowing it to be streamed, as Carney gave this explanation to VH1 – “We decided for this album to not allow music services to stream the entire album, because it’s becoming more popular, but it still isn’t at a point where you’re able to replace royalties from record sales with the royalties from streams, so it felt unfair to people who purchased our album to allow people to just go on a website and stream the album for free whenever they wanted.” According to a recent Rolling Stone article it apparently takes roughly 100 listens via streaming sites for artists to make the same about that they would from the purchase of a single full album download.

Finally, while James Mercer has kept himself busy over the last couple of years, most notably with Broken Bells, his collaboration with uber-producer Dangermouse, it’s been roughly five years since we’ve heard anything in the way of new music from The Shins. The Portland-via-New Mexico act, which has gone through both lineup and label changes since the their 2007 album Wincing The Night Away, yesterday revealed that they will release their fourth studio album, Port Of Morrow, in March. According to a post on the band’s website, the ten-track set was recorded in both L.A. and Portland, with Mercer essentially operating as a one-man band handling all songwriting duties, lead vocals and the majority of instrumentation. The Shins are excepted to announce both a specific release date, as well as their touring plans for 2012 in the near future.

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