B List: Top 15 Concert Films (DVD/Blu-Ray) of 2011

I love watching great performances or well-made documentaries featuring my favorite artists from the comfort of my couch. In 2011 a number of fantastic music-related films came out and it was nearly impossible to pick the 10 best efforts, so for 2011’s list of my favorite concert films of the year, I expanded the list to 15 and there were still a few fine efforts which didn’t make the cut.

So with that in mind, we continue our long-standing tradition of detailing my top music-related DVDs/Blu-Rays of the year…

15. Eddie Vedder – Water on the Road


The Pearl Jam front man offers a mix of deep cuts from his main band’s catalog as well as covers and solo tunes on this live concert film directed by Christoph Green and Brendan Canty of Ashes of American Flags (Best Concert Film of 2009) fame.

14. Billy Joel – Last Play at Shea

Long Island native Billy Joel was the last artist to perform at Shea Stadium before the venue was torn down to make way for Citi Field. This riveting documentary looks at both The Mets and Joel’s career and features plenty of footage from Billy’s performances as well as interviews with guests such as Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett.

13. Phish – Live at Utica

Phish put out one of their more interesting performances of 2010 this year with the release of Live in Utica. Featuring all of the quartet’s October 20th performance at the intimate Aud, this 2-DVD set shows off the “Guyutica” craziness which went down that night as well as the full-on “hose” jam that developed during a Split Open and Melt sandwich.

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  1. No Sigur Ros “Inni”, Scott? Such a wonderfully shot movie — artfully done, matching their music so well. Watched it a few times over the Holiday break, actually.

    Worth checking out if you haven’t seen it. I would like to think it would make at least the top 15, let alone Honorable Mention.

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