Video: Phish – Reba (10/31/1989)

A few hours ago a video popped up on YouTube that will be of interest to Phish fans. It features the quartet’s seventh known version of Reba, from October 31, 1989,  complete with a “bag it, tag it” bridge that disappeared shortly thereafter only to reemerge a year later as part of Don’t Get Me Wrong, a song Trey Anastasio co-wrote with John Popper of Blues Traveler.

Phish’s Halloween ’89 performance at Goddard College in Vermont was filmed with multiple cameras for a Vermont Public Television special that aired the next day. While a number of tracks from that evening have made their way onto YouTube over the past few years, Reba had not until last night. Clocking in near 14 minutes, this early version of Reba features a tighter and funkier jam than the more gorgeous solos which would come out of the song in later years. Thanks to ObliviousFool83 for uploading this Reba and the Oh Kee Pa > Suzy Greenberg opener for our viewing pleasure. Here’s Reba…

Phish – Reba (Live 10/31/89)

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  1. Uhh, I believe it’s Don’t Get ME Wrong, not we. Seek out 12.28.90 for an incredible version that takes off with some great vocal improv.

  2. This was a great show including boxes and boxes of mac and cheese meant to be shaken for crowd-participation in the intro to Bowie. Many got ripped open and thrown around, mixing with the wet floor (it was raining)and creating a strange paste on the floor…

  3. Thanks for putting this. I’m going next week to to msg nye and being a phish phan from 93 this makes me really pumped for the shows.

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