Van Halen Teases Forthcoming Tour in New Video

The Van Halen brothers have always been a secretive clan, but they’ve really taken the cloak and dagger stuff to a new level over the past few year. We all know the group has a new album in the works that Interscope paid big bucks to release and you had to figure Interscope wouldn’t shell out mucho dinero unless the band toured behind the forthcoming LP. Today, Van Halen, featuring David Lee Roth on vocals and Wolfgang Van Halen on bass, have officially confirmed they will tour in 2012. Alas, the YouTube clip announcing the jaunt only contains one detail we can hang out hats on – “first tickets on sale January 10.”

With just over two weeks until that January 10th on sale date, you’d have to think a list of venues and dates will be right behind today’s “announcement.” Yet if there’s anything we’ve learned in our five years of covering Van Halen, expect the unexpected. Stay tuned!

Van Halen Tour Trailer

Do you have any interest in catching a Van Halen show in 2012?

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