12/30 Roundup: T’was The Night Before New Year’s Eve

Last night was a big evening for a number of groups within the jam scene as Furthur, Phish, Umphrey’s McGee, moe., STS9, the Disco Biscuits, Perpetual Groove and Gov’t Mule all took the stage at separate concerts across the country. We filled you in on the Phish show, but we wanted to round up coverage of the other bands’ performances.

Gov’t Mule – Working Class Hero

Prog-jammers Umphrey’s McGee returned to The Pageant in St. Louis for their second of three New Year’s Run concerts at the venue. Longtime collaborator Jeff Coffin came out during the second set to add sax on a debut cover of Maneater by Hall and Oates as well as the UM original Night Nurse. Other highlights included the rare instrumental Dear Lord within Slacker, a “Jake and Brendan on acoustics” segment of Uncle Wally and Nemo as well as a lengthy Nothing Too Fancy encore complete with a dubby Natural Mystic jam. Here’s the setlist…

Set One: Jazz Odyssey > Conduit, #5, The Bottom Half, Uncle [email protected], [email protected], All Things Ninja, Slacker > Dear Lord > Slacker

Set Two: 40’s Theme, The Triple Wide, Maneater*^, Night Nurse^, Plunger, The Fussy Dutchman, Nopener, Rocker Part 2
Encore: Nothing Too Fancy**

@ with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
* first time played, Hall & Oates
^ with Jeff Coffin on saxophone
** with Natural Mystic jam, including vocals

[via Umphreys.com]

Last night Jamtronica pioneers the Disco Biscuits moved their NYE festivities to Chicago after three well-received shows at NYC’s Best Buy Theater for the first of two concerts at The Auditorium Theatre. An old school first set featured fan favorites galore including Munchkin Invasion, Run Like Hell and the quartet’s cover of Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd. The second set contained more of the same and opened with a Strobelights and Martinis > Pimp Blue Rikkis > Strobelights and Martinis segment. A nod to more recent times came during the encore when tDB fit the ending of Svenghali within Portal To An Empty Head, a song from their 2011 release Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. Here’s the setlist…

Set 1: 7-11 > Munchkin Invasion, Mindless Dribble > Lunar Pursuit > 7-11 > Mindless Dribble > Run Like Hell1

Set 2: Strobelights and Martinis > Pimp Blue Rikkis > Strobelights and Martinis > I-Man, Morph Dusseldorf2 > Basis For A Day
Encore: Portal To An Empty Head > Svenghali1 > Portal To An Empty Head
1 – ending only
2 – unfinished

[via PT Disco Biscuits]

Furthur was back in the action last night for their second of three shows at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The group played a second set focusing on material the Dead frequently performed in the ’60s including New Potato Caboose, Cryptical, The Other One, Caution and Death Don’t Have No Mercy, while the setlist from the opening stanza seemed right out 1979. Here’s the setlist…

Set I: Jack Straw, Bertha, Eyes of the World, The Music Never Stopped, Cold Rain & Snow, Lost Sailor, Saint of Circumstance, Deal

Set II: Dear Mr. Fantasy, Passenger, Wharf Rat, New Potato Caboose, Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Caution > King Solomon’s Marbles, Death Don’t Have No Mercy, Jam > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight

Enc: Touch of Grey

[via Jambands.com Box Scores]

moe.’s long relationship with Portland’s State Theatre continued last night at the first of two NYE Run concerts in Maine. The jam stalwarts filled set one with just two long segments (ZOZ > Head > Billy Goat and Crab Eyes > Down Boy > George) and worked Rainshine from their forthcoming studio album WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LALAs into a second set of classic repertoire staples. Here’s the setlist…

Set 1: Z0Z> Head> Billy Goat, Crab Eyes>(nh) Down Boy> George

Set 2: The Road> Ricky Marten> Time Ed> The Road, Rainshine, Water, Four, Plane Crash

Encore: Okayalright

[via PT moe.]

Down in Atlanta, Perpetual Groove continues the keyboardist handover from John Hruby back to Matt McDonald. According a Jambands.com report, both keyboardists performed on most of the two-set show at Center Stage. PGroove debuted a cover of Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim and welcomed keyboardist Jim Wuest and sax wiz Gary Paulo out for the TTFPJ that opened the three-song second set. Perpetual Groove returns to Center Stage tonight for Hruby’s farewell show. Here’s the setlist…

I: For Now Forget, Three Weeks, The March of Gibbles Army, The Golden Path, Stealy Man*, Green Tea > Right Here Right Now** > Green Tea

II: TTFPJ***, Teakwood Betz, Walking in Place

E: Only Always

* – w/ DLZ and 18 and Life teases
** – 1st time played
*** – w/ Gary Paulo on Sax, Jim Weust from The Heavy Pets on additional keys

[via Perpetual Groove]

STS9 is also holding court in Atlanta, where they’re in the middle of a five-night NYE Run at The Tabernacle. Along with the debut of a new tune called March, the jamtronica act also offered a reworked version of Scheme. The run concludes tonight. Here’s a look at last night’s setlist…

Set 1: Be Nice, Empires*, Move My Peeps, Scheme Reprise > Scheme**, Lion, Golden Gate, Frequencies DnB > Frequencies 2 > Frequencies 3, Atlas

Set 2: This, Us > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Metameme, Satori, Looking Back on Earth, Firewall, March***, When the Dust Settles, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

Encore: From Now On, The Rabble


* 2nd segment
** Reworked
*** New song, First time played

[via STS9 News]

Finally, Gov’t Mule returned to the Beacon Theatre for their traditional NYE Run. At their first of two shows on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Mule welcomed old friends David Hidalgo, Hook Herrera and Jimmy Vivino out to jam at various points as well as Warren Haynes Band/Lettuce keyboardist Nigel Hall. The first set, however, was just the Mule as the group opened with a cover of Maggot Brain by Funkadelic and closed the first set with a performance of the Haynes/Betts’ instrumental Kind of Bird. Set two started with a hearty dose of Pink Floyd before the guest parade started. Jambands.com has a full report on what looks to be an amazing run-opener from the quartet. Here’s the setlist…

Set I: Maggot Brain > Gameface > Fool’s Moon, Little Toy Brain, Lively Up Yourself, Brand New Angel, Kind Of Bird

Set II: Jam > One Of These Days > Fearless, Since I’ve Been Loving You*, Blind Man In The Dark, 32/20 Blues^ Working Class Hero% Smokestack Lightning^^ > John The Revelator^^

Enc: Politician** > Dear Mr. Fantasy** (with with For What It’s Worth Outro)Notes: *with Paul Ill, without Jorgen Carlsson

^with Hook Herrera, Jimmy Vivino & Nigel Hall

[via Jambands.com]
%with Hook Herrera & Jimmy Vivino
^^with Hook Herrera, Jimmy Vivino & David Hidalgo
**with Jimmy Vivino & David Hidalgo

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