Original Strangefolk Lineup To Reunite For Two Shows

Jambase has just reported that Strangefolk founding members Reid Genauer, Jon Trafton, Erik Glockler, and Luke Smith will reunite for the first time in over 11 years two shows: March 30th at Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT and March 31st at State Theater in Portland, ME. Our love for this Vermont band is well documented here on Hidden Track.

In April of last year we ran a two part feature titled The Strangefolk Story. Part two concluded with the following,

A Strangefolk reunion featuring the original lineup, including Genauer, becoming reality remains to be seen. At this point in their collective careers, the band members – both past and present – appear willing to entertain the idea.

Trafton: I would say the door is open, but we’re not sure about the future. It has been discussed internally and with Reid, and we are leaving it open-ended, although we have discussed the potential. Would it be all old guys? New guys? A mix? Since we [Jon and Reid] have talked about it in the recent past, there is definitely potential, and it would be fun to celebrate everything and keep it from being exclusionary. It is definitely nice to consider the questions, especially since the breakup was tough. But time has passed and it’s nice to be in touch with everyone again, on good terms. I think we all agree it would be fun to do some playing together. I know I miss some of those songs – it would be fun to resurrect some of them.

Genauer: I’m open to it and I think it would be fun. I think the reason it has taken so long is that there were some hard feelings at first and a desire to re-establish and redefine Strangefolk in my absence. Then from my perspective, I was pretty determined to establish myself and a track record beyond Strangefolk. After some eight or nine years with AOD I feel like I have checked that box.

There are a litany of new milestones I’ve achieved, like playing Carnegie Hall and Bonnaroo, recording Some Assembly Required, which lead to the realization of the long road. Having some of my friends and favorite musicians on that album – Richie Havens, Mike Gordon, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Grace Potter, Al Schnier and Keller Williams – is one of my most proud moments and in my mind anyway, notable achievements. All of that said, playing with Strangefolk is something I would be open to. Jon and I talk fairly regularly and I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Check back for more information on tickets (and hopefully more shows) as it becomes available.

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