Four Music Festivals Coming To Bader Field – AC Legend Claims Phish, Chesney and Metallica Among Headliners

In a story we’ve been following for a while, the Atlantic City City Council has voted unanimously to approve four multi-day festivals to be held this summer at the shore town’s vacated airfield – Bader Field. The festivals will take place on June 15 – 17, June 24 – 25, Sept. 22 – 23 and Sept. 29 – 30 according to the Press of Atlantic City.

[Photo of DMB Caravan @ Bader Field by Jeremy Gordon]

The big question is which acts will play at these four festivals? The promoter’s representative, Ken MacDonald of Starr Hill Presents, who you may remember as the guy who confirmed Phish Summer Tour 2012 will indeed take place, played coy and not only wouldn’t reveal the bands, but also claimed “no one on the planet” would be able to confirm the festivals’ headliners.

We’ve got to think MacDonald’s “no one on the planet” quote referred to Atlantic City legend Pinky Kravitz. Just one week ago Kravitz theorized that Phish would perform at Bader Field from June 15 – 17 and that the other June event would feature one of four bands who could draw 50,000 fans per day – “the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, U2 and Bruce Springsteen.”

Pinky changed his tune yesterday when he claimed “Phish will be the act that will perform on June 22, 23 and 24.” Oddly, June 22 and 23 are two days which aren’t included in the permits issued by the city, yet are Friday and Saturday nights while the 24th and 25th fall on Sunday and Monday. Kravitz went on to say that Metallica will play at Bader Field on the last weekend in June (June 29 and 30), though again that isn’t one of the weekends for which Starr Hill received a permit. Finally, Kravitz claims that Kenny Chesney will headline one of the September fests. Hopefully the discrepancies will be sorted out soon, but – as always – we’d suggest waiting for an official announcement before making any non-refundable reservations. We’ll keep you posted on any further word.

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  1. wasn’t pinky kravitz the one who spread the false rumors about zeppelin being the halloween album in 2010? why are your reporting on what he says? seems like his credibility is shot to me.

  2. Kravitz said “This time it was a magic mockingbird and it tells me Phish will cover an album of Led Zeppelin’s Sunday evening” Lots of outlets picked up on it and Phish did what they did on 10/30 in response, from how “loose” it was seems clear to me it wasn’t planned before Kravitz’s article. Also, Kravitz clearly said they would cover a Zeppelin album for Halloween, which didn’t happen.

  3. I dont know this guy nor does it seem he’s very intune with whats goin on in the music industry. For one his dates are all jacked up here. I already got tickets for the MetallicA orion music and more festival that goin to take place at Bader Field on June 23-24 this year. So kravits stop fill the internet with your hot air and maybe try goin off facts rather than what you think. For the other bands I dont really care. I’m seein MetallicA again!!!! HAHAHAHA

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