Friday Mix Tape: The Art of Dancing Alone

They say dancing is the language of the soul. They also say that musicians are artists who paint their pictures on a canvas of silence. So I guess if you put those two idioms together, you might somehow arrive at an explanation for why so many musicians are obsessed with the idea of dancing alone, and why they always sing about it.

So, today’s mix tape celebrates this solitary phenomenon with hits of both yesterday and today that focus on dancing by oneself – preferably in strange places. We kick it off with Lionel Richie, who we can only assume to be alone since he gets his groove on up on the ceiling. Next, we move to the big Swedish pop sensation about dancing in solitude with Robyn’s epic new hit, Dancing On My Own. Then we hit up Thin Lizzy doing their thing in the Moonlight, while the Grateful Dead takes it to the streets.

Elton John works it out with a touchdown dance in mind as he gets down in the end zone. Balkan Beat Box technically doesn’t dance alone, but since the moon isn’t really a living thing, we’ll count it. And finally, the playlist comes to a close with the arguably the most famous one of all, Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself. Recognizing that this is of the dumbest ideas yet for a mix tape, I think it might also double as musically my best. Dig in and see where it takes you.

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