Hidden Track Giveaway: Disco Biscuits – Bisco Inferno Video Release – Pt. 6 – Spraypaint @ Red Rocks

Last May the Disco Biscuits descended upon Colorado for their third annual Bisco Inferno weekend. The jamtronica pioneers kicked off the action on the 26th and 27th with a pair of performances at Denver’s Ogden Theatre before heading to the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a headlining set on the 28th. All three complete performances will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and in a variety of downloadable formats on January 31 and we gave away a copy a day to a lucky reader each day last week and conclude our giveaway with today’s contest.

For this video release, the Disco Biscuits have teamed up with TourGigs, who have provided fans a full range of purchase options including DVD ($25 per show), Blu-Ray ($30 per show), 480p Standard Definition video files ($15 per show), 1080p High Definition video files ($22 per show) and 1080p “Ultra Quality” video files ($30 per show). There’s a 15% discount for those who buy the same format of all three shows.

As part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program, we teamed up with the band and TourGigs to premiere video of one full song each day from this release and we’ve also given away a copy of all three shows in DVD or Blu-Ray format. To enter our contest, simply leave a comment below telling us about the first Disco Biscuits song you ever heard. You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the HT Facebook Page and a third time by following @hidden_track and tweeting the name of the first tDB song you ever heard(be sure to include both “@hidden_track” and #tdbferno” at the end of your tweet so that we see it). Since this is the last Bisco Inferno giveaway post, we’re giving you a few days to enter. The contest entry period closes on Sunday at 11:59AM EST. After that, we’ll tally all the entries from our comments section, Facebook and Twitter and pick one winner at random.

Here’s the fine print…

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling us about the first Disco Biscuits song you ever heard
  • You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the Hidden Track Facebook Page
  • You can enter a third time by following @hidden_track and tweeting about the first Disco Biscuits song you ever heard (be sure to include both “@hidden_track” and #tdbferno” at the end of your tweet so that we see it)
  • Your comment(s) must be left by 11:59 AM EST on February 5
  • Anybody entering more than once a piece on Facebook, Twitter and at the bottom of this post will be disqualified, tarred and feathered
  • One winner will get a copy of all three shows (5/26, 27 or 28) in the format of their choice (DVD or Blu-Ray)
  • HT staff members are not eligible to win
  • You can enter all six HT/Bisco Inferno DVD/Blu-Ray contests, but can only win once

Now, we present the premiere of Spraypaint from the Disco Biscuits’ May 28, 2011 concert

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14 thoughts on “Hidden Track Giveaway: Disco Biscuits – Bisco Inferno Video Release – Pt. 6 – Spraypaint @ Red Rocks

  1. Jacob Reply

    The first Biscuits song I heard was ‘Caterpillar’ about three years ago. My friend just got XM radio and we listened to Jam On non stop. When Caterpillar played, we were astonished at what we heard and haven’t looked back since. Favorite lyric that I still quote all of the time is “I can’t believe I take my vitamins, but I don’t want see you crrrryyyyy.”

    Thanks Hidden Track for all that you do and the chance to win free shit!

  2. Paul Reply

    the first Biscuits song I can remember hearing and actually sticking out to me was Jamillia. A girl who I worked with at a deli introduced me to the Biscuits and played it for me back in 99 and I thought it was kind of funny and Phishy.

  3. MaloneyNYC Reply

    1st song I ever heard was caterpillar 1st show with Allen in NYC

  4. Kate Reply

    The first Biscuits song I heard was probably Home Again, but more importantly, the first LIVE song I heard was Spectacle at the Electric Factory on 5/28/06…a spectacle of a love affair ensued.

  5. Deanna Beaucher Reply

    The first Disco Biscuit song I heard was Home Again. My friend loved the disco biscuits and knew i was into jam bands and had played in on our way home from a long day of work one night in the car. I just remember thinking to myself, “wow, these guys really get it.” Their sound was so tight, new and refreshing! Its was a lot different from the other jam bands that were in the music circle. The Jam section in Home Again had me totally bumpin the whole way home as I toked on my dubie. He made me some burnt cd’s and within a month had brought me to my first show at the Palladium in Western Massachusetts. I ended up having more fun that night than any concert I had attended prior to that night. I still follow them of course to this day, because Ive never had a home like this!

  6. Mitch Reply

    Rock Candy. And after that song i fell in love with the disco biscuits. My calves always hurt after a disco biscuits show.

  7. Greg Bobo Reply

    Greek Theater at Berkeley, July 2007. They were opening with STS9 for String Cheese Incident and it was an extremely hot Bay Area day. Biscuits opened with I Remember When and I started to groove instantly and easily became mesmerized! As they jammed into Digital Buddha, I was sold! The next day I cruised around Berkeley trying to find a CD. Great memories!

  8. Patrick Reply

    7-11 was my first biscuits song. I became obsessed instantly and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. that was many years ago and I still catch them every chance I get.

  9. Eric Block Reply

    The first song I ever heard was HOUSE DOG PARTY FAVOR at 4/28/01 at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans, LA during a late night jazzfest show. It turned out to be one of the best versions ever played. Of course at the time I did not realize I was witnessing history, but upon many re-listens, I can now fully appreciate what I was so lucky to see at the time

  10. Scott Bollens Reply

    I-Man live jam on jam-on radio while I was driving toward the bright lights of Las Vegas. I haven’t been the same since.

  11. noah_s Reply

    first song I heard was Helicopters on a CD someone had in the dorm at RU in ’99. First song live was Spaga at the infamous 12/4/99 show at Irving Plaza!

  12. Kris Reply


  13. Brent Fraim Reply

    STONE (heard live at my first show at the 8X10 Club on 6/25/1998)

  14. Nick Reply

    Bernstein and Chasnoff. Listened to it along with a bunch of other songs on my buddy’s computadora. fell in love after that day.

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